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EXCLUSIVE: Scott McGlynn on acting and “Celebrity Skin Talks”

Scott McGlynn is a podcaster, beauty influencer and LGBTQ+ activist. Host of “The Scott McGlynn Show” podcast and the IGTV series, “Celebrity Skin Talks”, he has already made a name for himself through the power of social media.

Now it’s time for this star to take it one step further as he heads into the acting world, with roles lined up in the BBC medical drama “Casualty” and the hit Netflix series “Sex Education”.

Scott McGlynn

CelebMix got to talk to Scott McGlynn himself to find out more about his upcoming appearances on the silver screen and the success of “Celebrity Skin Talks” so far.

Hey Scott, how has 2021 been for you so far?

“Busy! Even from last year with the lockdown situation, but my work just got busier [earlier this year] because everyone was at home, and online creating skincare is a big thing of mine and a lot of it was to do with how to do your own, like how do your own facials at home. And since then it’s just literally non-stop, this year has taken off really big, with the ‘Celebrity Skin Talks’ show I do, and acting now has just taken up a lot of my life.”

You are now branching out into acting. When did you realise you were serious about your acting career?

“Everyone told me, ‘You should do it, you should do it, you’ve got the look’, and I was like, ‘Right, yeah, no, I can’t do it’, because in my head, I always think that you have to have the whole package. But I have interviewed so many actors, people from Hollywood, people from the biggest feature films, and I have been to so many film fests just because I enjoy it. I just ended up taking it seriously.

“I’ve been working with a guy called Scott Vickers, he’s been in TV shows in the UK, the film he stars and directed in was award-winning. In the film festivals, he’s been so incredible and now he’s taking me under his wing and he’s doing coaching with me and really focusing on my craft and getting the best on what I can deliver. And recently, I was in Manchester for an acting retreat with him, so it was good fun.”

You’re going to be starring in the third season of “Sex Education”. How did that come about? Did you have to audition?

“Kind of, yes, it was only one day for me. It was good fun, I worked with the main cast, there was someone else there that I won’t say who because it will be a big spoiler and I can’t say too much about them, but it was incredible to even work with them and see them, and watch their work. Whatever set I go on, I love to really absorb how other people work and how they do things, which is just amazing.”

Did you feel nervous while filming for the series or did it all come naturally to you?

“I never get nervous about the acting or the camerawork, I just get nervous about remembering lines. That’s the only thing for me, I’m quite lucky because I’ve got a technique now and I’ve done 10 acting jobs, all come with scripts obviously, and this technique that I’ve kind of drawn into my head from Scott has really stuck in and I don’t panic too much about it.

“And obviously I’ve been quite lucky with what I’ve done so far, but people always ask me, ‘Why do you not get nervous? Because when I have the camera in my face, I always get nervous’, but I think for me and my job, I’ve always had a camera, from photoshoots and stuff from before. But I also do online creating, I do tutorials and I speak to people, and that’s all live and on video, I just get used to it.”

As well as Sex Education, you’re also going to be appearing in Casualty…

“I think it’s [his scenes] definitely going to be in the new series.”

What was the filming process like for that show in comparison to “Sex Education”?

“Completely different, because for ‘Casualty’, I was there for three days on location, so it was a big building site I was on, whereas with ‘Sex Education’, I was just in a building, but I can’t say too much about it.”

As your acting career continues to grow, are there any other types of films/TV projects that you would like to be involved in?

“I was quite lucky as I met Russell T Davies a few years ago, a film festival happens in Cardiff and I was one of those jury members for Best Of British, so on the evening of the awards, I met him then, and I wore the funkiest trousers, really, you will not forget these trousers. And I messaged him after [TV series Russell T Davies produced] ‘It’s a Sin’ [was broadcast], and I said, ‘Thank you, just thank you for what you’ve done here, it’s incredible’.

“And he said, ‘It’s you, it’s you with the trousers’. And then he said, ‘Have you still got them?’ And I was like, ‘What? You’re taller than me!’ And I’m like six foot four, he’s taller. And I said, ‘They’re not gonna fit you but they’re there if you want. I would just love to work with you if anything comes up’.

“So I would love to work with him, I have also auditioned for a couple of things for the BBC, they’re in the pipeline. I’m quite lucky that Cardiff, where I live, is a really big hot spot for filming right now. Tom Hardy is on his way down and filming from July I think for a Netflix film here. It would be great to work with him.

“But whatever happens happens, and when things come your way you just feel it’s gonna be right. I’ve just been quite lucky that when things have come my way they’ve come quite fast. I did ‘Sex Education’ in February, then I jumped on a short film, then I jumped on ‘Casualty’, it was like, ‘Boom boom boom. Give me time to breathe!’”

Scott McGlynn

You launched your IGTV series, “Celebrity Skin Talks”, in 2020 – what was the inspiration behind the show?

“In 2019, I was a Neutrogena ambassador, for a whole year I was with them and I really upped my skincare game. I’ve always been into it, people didn’t know too much about how my skin was. And I shared my story, how I suffered badly from acne, not just on the face, it was all on my back, it was terrible. I think people do forget how it does play on our minds, I was so self-conscious it was crazy. When I was on holiday, I would never take my top off, because of my back. It really plays on your mental health.

“Celebrities is my thing, that’s what I do, from the podcast I did a couple of years before that, it’s still going but it’s all evolved from that. So with the skin, which I’m passionate about and people know me for, and celebrities, I wanted to bring them together. I wanted to make sure the celebrities I have on were all diverse and wanted to share skin stories, even with skin insecurities they have had, because people may think, ‘Oh, she’s on EastEnders and nothing’s wrong’, like c’mon, no, it doesn’t happen like that. And that’s the point of the show, we strip it right back to real people. We are all people and we suffer from different skin conditions – it’s all these different things and it’s incredible.”

What’s it been like hosting the show in the midst of lockdown?

“Actually, I did it after lockdown, when everything was back to normal [summer 2020]. And I was thinking, ‘What am I doing? The world has gone back to normal, it’s active again, why am I releasing this show?’ I was planning it in August [2020] and launching it in September [2020], and I was thinking, ‘What am I doing? No one’s gonna come on the show now!’ I was quite lucky that they still wanted to, so it was fine.

“It was all on Instagram, on Instagram Live, and then it gets posted on Instagram. It’s so much fun, I’ve loved every single person that I’ve had, so many more people in the works, I’m in talks with a lot more people now to come in for the next kind of block, with acting and stuff I’ve been away and I just haven’t had too much time for the show, but a lot of people keep asking me, ‘Where is it?’. It’s coming, it’s still active, trust me!”

You have also been hosting your own podcast, “The Scott McGlynn Show”, since 2017 – were you expecting it to become such a success?

“No. See that was a celebrity thing, but more coming out stories, so it was like a similar thing [to “Celebrity Skin Talks”] but different. I’ve talked about my experiences and that’s why I created these shows, and that’s when people know my background, and I’m bringing in celebrities.

“Again, I wanted to strip it back because if you see them on TV or a popular radio show, they’re promoting something, it’s not really talking about their life. That’s why I wanted them to talk about their life and experiences and help other people and that was my goal for that, and it still is. And the show with the skin talk [“Celebrity Skin Talks”] is exactly the same, but just with skin, not coming out.”

Who would be your dream celebrity guest for either “The Scott McGlynn Show” or “Celebrity Skin Talks”?

“For the podcast, I’d love to interview maybe Ian McKellen, we have connected on Twitter, and some press, I think Wales Online, put us together in this article and I think that’s what got his attention and we just got connected. I haven’t had him on, but I would love to have him on, he’s a very big idol and an incredible person. For ‘Celebrity Skin Talks’, I don’t know, I’ve had so many great people already, I can’t even think.”

We feel like someone like Cheryl could be good for the show? Someone like her?

“I was very close to getting Nadine [Coyle; Cheryl’s former Girls Aloud bandmate], we were talking and going through it, and I’m a big Girls Aloud fan. And I was like, ‘Right, this is it, it’s gonna happen’, and we were so close, the dates were coming in, and then I think at the time she was filming the Celebrity Bake Off, and I think it was clashing a bit then because it was just before I went off filming. But never say never!”

You’re also working on a new book, could you possibly tell us what to expect from it?

“So it’s kind of like, think of Mrs Hinch [Sophie Hinchliffe] with the cleaning side, with all that kind of stuff, but think about it with me but more on the skincare routine kind of side, because I am obsessed about writing to-do lists. I do it for everything, literally, I’ve got a to-do list for the next two weeks I just wrote down. Even though I’ve got my manager who chucks everything in his calendar and online, but I’m thinking if I write it down, it’s like in my head, and that’s something I want to introduce into the book as well, it’s like a routine list. It’s very in talk mode, but they’ve [the publishers] approached me about that.”

Scott McGlynn

Finally, do you have anything to say to your fans?

“I’ve done so many different things in my career, first it was the book, and then it was the podcast and then it was the skin show, and now it’s acting, so I think what I’m so appreciative of and what I love about them [the fans], is that whatever I’m doing, they’re following and supporting me, and I will never forget that. And I try and connect with as much people as I can on Instagram because I have messages and messages.

“And I think that is so important, that is what social media’s about, I’m not one of those people who just ignores things and ignores people, and I’m there to be social right? The people who are supporting me and watching my shows and taking time to engage and have fun and just get in the moment, I just can’t be thankful for that. They’re just incredible for sticking with me for whatever I do.

“It’s nice when people message me, ‘Where is the show [“Celebrity Skin Talks”]? What’s going on?’ Because the last one I did was the start of April, but from there on I’ve been filming, I’ve been in Manchester, so that kind of like just gets to me a bit, because it’s nice. It’s nice when I get messages like that.”

We would also like to thank Scott for taking the time out to talk to us!

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