Tom Zanetti and Chad Harrison
Chad Harrison and Tom Zanetti

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Zanetti and Chad Harrison Chat “Hope It’s Not Too Late”

Platinum-selling artist, producer, and DJ, Tom Zanetti, recently teamed up with Chad Harrison to release a brand new track, “Hope It’s Not Too Late,” which quickly became a fan-favorite across streaming platforms. The duo, who each have their own successful music careers, decided to link up after Zanetti discovered one of Harrison’s songs online and the rest is history. Now, their collaboration has caught the attention of countless listeners around the world through streaming and social media alone. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Zanetti and Harrison open up about the story behind “Hope It’s Not Too Late” and reveal if fans can expect to hear more collaborations from them soon.

How did your collaboration for “Hope It’s Not Too Late” first come about? 

TZ: The collaboration came about because I heard another tune of Chad Harrison’s called “It Was Just A Fling” and I thought it was class, so I inboxed him and he sent me this one.

CH: Zanetti heard “It Was Just A Fling” and really loved the track, [so we] touched base on Instagram and then from there he played it at Creamfields. We kept talking and I kept firing over stuff. He was listening to some of the music and he found “Hope It’s Not Too Late” which had been released on my Soundcloud.

Were you guys sitting on the track and reworking it for a while or did it come together pretty easily? 

TZ: We did the track in a day. Chad sent me the track, I then recorded over it and it came together really quickly. Usually the best ones just work so quickly and naturally like that!

CH: We basically had it done for around 4/5 months before Ministry picked it up, he got in touch and we got it fully recorded. It became a massive thing, as everyone was super interested in the track. It was very easy to do! He heard the track, I broke it down to a 16 from a 32 bar and we added a hook.

What would you say was the most memorable part of creating this single together? 

TZ: The best part about creating the single was the music video! We had a lot of fun.

CH: The most memorable thing for me about the track, was the first initial message when Tom reached out, as it really surprised me. The fact that Tom Zanetti was actually listening to my music was quite a big thing!

If you could perform this collaboration for a crowd at any festival in the world, which one would you choose and why? 

TZ: If I could perform this collaboration at any festival in the world, it would be either Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Szeiget in Budapest, or Lollapalooza in South America. Those are all iconic festivals, which bring in huge crowds.

CH: I’d say Creamfields, just because that was where Tom played “It Was Just A Fling.” It would be crazy to get video together on that stage! The fact that he played it however long ago and then it [would] go full circle [where] we’re both there together.

Can fans expect to hear more collaborations between you two in the future? What’s next for you both? 

TZ: Yes! I would love to work with Chad again. He’s a really cool kid and has a promising future as a producer. He’s got a sick style and reminds me of the old baseline music that I grew up on and love.

CH: I believe so, more so it’s about my side, to keep sending the music across and music that people like and connect with. If I send across the right beat, then that’s when the magic happens, you know? I think that’s the main thing.

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