EXCLUSIVE: Vannah Chats About New Single ‘Young & Fly’

If you have yet to hear music or experience online content from Vannah, you may be missing out on one of the most popular up-and-coming artists currently. At only 14 years old, Vannah has received massive support from millions of fans around the world as well as some of the pop-culture and music icons such as Cardi B. With several viral Instagram moments and massive attention across social media, it’s become clear that this is only the beginning of Vannah’s journey. In fact, her latest single, “Young & Fly,” has continued to captivate thousands of music fans and viewers around the world after being released incredibly recently. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Vannah opens up about her new track, collaborations and more.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Young & Fly” and why did you decide to release it now? 

“Young & Fly” is a song that I think perfectly represents good vibes. I am all about good vibes, so I thought why not translate that into a song. We have been waiting to drop it for a really long time and I thought, what better time then to drop it [than] right now. This whole pandemic/corona thing has really taken a toll on us and brought us down, so I thought my song could bring positivity through this time so we can feel better.

What can you tell us about the track’s music video and its concept? 

The music video perfectly represents the song. The whole music video is just very colorful, happy and funny. The concept of this video is basically my dad leaves to go to work and I plan to make the best and most lit Triller ever.

You have such a powerful support system between your fans, family and friends. How amazing is it to do what you love and have so many people proud of what you’re doing and enjoying the journey with you? 

I think I am very blessed to be able to be myself and do what I love and get so much support from it. Nowadays, people tend to do other things besides being themselves. I am just really grateful that I have the support system I have. I [want to] thank all [of] my fans that have been with me since the beginning.

Drake, Cardi B and Roddy Ricch are even fans of yours! What’s it like to have their support?

It is absolutely crazy. I’m very thankful to have their support and have the friendship I have with them. The energy that we have when I see them is amazing and I hope later when we have some time we can hang out again.

Currently, what goals have you set for yourself in regards to your career in the music industry?

I’m just here to show the world that your past cannot shape or predict your future and to always be yourself no matter what.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Roddy Ricch, BTS and GOT7. BTS and GOT7 is definitely out of the hip hop category and such, but it would be great to explore different genres.

What artists or bands have you been listening to during the current pandemic? 

I have been listening to DaBaby, The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Drake, Halsey, BTS, Doja Cat, GOT7 and ATEEZ. Also myself! Make sure to stream “Young & Fly” on every platform.

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Written by Alessandra

Alessandra is a music journalist from New York who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. She has interviewed artists such as Alesso, Surf Mesa, and Neon Trees.