Exclusive Video Premiere: Beca - "In Deep Love"

Exclusive Video Premiere: Beca – “In Deep Love”

Beca is a dark disco electro/pop diva with a brand new music video just in time for Valentine’s Day, titled “In Deep Love”. The track’s vibrant 80’s sound makes it the perfect dance jam, even with the song’s emotionally raw lyrics which are all about getting over someone. Because honestly, who needs that person who broke your heart. You have YOU!

Beca’s music is inspired mythology, classical music, film, art, romantic stories, and her personal life. But after she packed up her things from New York and moved to Los Angeles after experiencing a traumatic heartbreak, it seems that “In Deep Love” was heavily inspired by that experience.

With lyrics like, “Even though you already left / Even though you are East and I am West / I got to let you go,” and “In my dreams we’re still okay,” you can tell Beca is partially not over someone she deeply cared about, hence the title, “In Deep Love.” But by the end of the track, you can tell she’s over it as she sassily glances into the lens.

And that sassy glance backed up by stunning cherry red and gold visuals throughout the music video is all thanks to Jayson Martinovich of Blue Milk Images, who directed and edited it all. He also perfectly captures Kyle Thomas Shea who is dressed all in white, as he freestyles in the music video.

You can find “In Deep Love” on Beca’s EP In Deep Love, which was co-produced by Luxxury and Fabian Ordorica.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “In Deep Love” by Beca below:

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