Exclusive Video Premiere: Carolyn Marie – “Man Eater”

Carolyn Marie isn’t a stranger to hard work and success. This independent pop/alternative rock artist from New Jersey has had the pleasure of working with Grammy award winning producers Earl Cohen (P!nk, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston), Cooper Anderson (Kanye West, John Legend), and Ken Lewis (Eminem, Lorde, Bruno Mars).

After exclusively premiering “Wanna Be Cool” right here on CelebMix about a year ago, we have another exclusive premiere from Carolyn! Stepping in a new direction, her new single, “Man Eater”, is sure to be stuck in your head.

The enthralling video for “Man Eater” starts off with Carolyn meeting a tall, dark, and handsome stranger at a laundromat. Mesmerized by her beauty (and golden wolf-like eyes), viewers are led to a mysterious setting where her lyrics tell the man a story along with her sophisticated choreographed dance moves. And lets face it, this isn’t a Carolyn Marie music video without dancing!

With lyrics like, “She leaves you high and dry / Cause’ she found a new play / And I’m sorry to say but you’re old news babe,” “She says let’s eat their heart out,” and “She’s looking for a wolf / She likes to misbehave / She’ll string you on so you feel her rage,” we thought Carolyn was telling the man about another girl. But after watching the video, maybe she was describing herself the whole time.

By the end of the video, let’s just say the handsome stranger doesn’t look like he made it out that mysterious setting the same.

Check out the exclusive premiere for “Man Eater” below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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