EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Charlee Remitz’s “The Leftovers”

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz has returned with a brand new music video! CelebMix is pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for Charlee’s most recent single, The Leftovers”, which dropped back in Fall 2017.

Charlee Remitz is native to a small town in Montana. At 18, she moved to Tenessee to pursue a career in music- alternative rock in particular. While living in Nashville, she switched directions, focusing on honing an alternative pop sound. Six months later, she released her debut EP, These Veins, which has been described as “an intimate musical experience”. This authenticity is the basis of Charlee’s music. “Music gives me the perfect platform for my voice,” she says. “With it, I am heard and recognized by my audience and by my self.” In 2015, after moving to L.A., she dropped her debut album Bright White Trims, which was her first release to chart on college radio. Most recently, her EP Saints Until Fridays dropped in 2016.

My goal is to write music that is true and consistent with others. I hope that while I write from the very core of myself, listeners will be able to develop their own wings.

In a blog post about the song, Charlee describes “The Leftovers” as her “grandest triumph.” She writes that love was a difficult topic for her to discuss in her music. The song addresses the dilemma of longing for someone out of reach and feeling lonely and weak for doing so. “I don’t need someone to give me purpose, to make me feel whole,” Charlee writes. “But it’s okay to forget that sometimes.” This feeling of acceptance is what gives the song its name: “The Leftovers”. The summery vibes of the music video really suit the song, especially with Charlee’s dreamy vocals during the chorus.

The music video for “The Leftovers”, directed by Keaton & Wesley Stromberg and Bruce Guido, reflects the emotions of heartbreak, loneliness, and desire present in the lyrics. Charlee wanders the city all day, distracted by thoughts of her troubled relationship. The video ends at night with Charlee taking steps to move on. The picturesque backdrop of Los Angeles is highlighted by beautiful shots of the sunset and the pink skies that Charlee sings about. This scenery is perhaps the manifestation of the song’s title, representing the beauty that lies in allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Charlee herself sums this concept up beautifully in her blog post:

It’s okay to let heartbreak become you, but only for a moment or two. Because what’s left over is beautiful, raw, and untainted. It’s the sky right after the sun’s gone down, and nothing’s left but a cotton candy gradient. It’s wide open and gaping. And it stuns just as much as any kind of Love.

Watch the music video for “The Leftovers” here!

We hoped you enjoyed the music video for “The Leftovers” as much as we did! We can’t wait to hear more music from Charlee, especially her full-length album due out later this year!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.