Exclusive Video Premiere: Daniel Correa - “The Wraith“

Exclusive Video Premiere: Daniel Correa – “The Wraith“

This may be the first time we’re talking about Daniel Correa, but you should know that he has already released three albums! Yes, three! Those albums are Progressions, Polluted, and Melodramatic, all created while he was still in school at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

Although this South Florida native is an independent artist, two of his past singles (“Don’t Stop” and “Fold It Back”) made it on various Billboard charts. Now, Daniel is here to bring you his latest single, “The Wraith.” The video starts off simple. Viewers see Daniel along with his producer/live performance partner Ahmed “King” Barroso, a four-time Grammy nominated music producer, jamming out in front of a plain white background.

As we see him playing instruments made of cardboard throughout the video, we cant help but be reminded of Ed Sheeran due to the simplicity of the performance along with the way he raps in some parts of the song.

With lyrics like, “Fizzlin like nuclear fission / To figure out the mission / You missing the vision Is really all in your head / You need some friends oh,” Daniel sings his heart out about a former lover coming back into his life.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “The Wraith” below:

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Connect with Daniel Correa:

Official Website – www.DanielCorrea.com

Written by Melanie Gomez

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