Exclusive Video Premiere: Ricky Rebel releases the music video for “Magic Carpet”

Ricky Rebel embodies his legacy as an artist and experimentalist. The artist has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and his work has always found its position in one of the career-defining places – the musical charts.

He is an electro-pop artist based in LA who’s toured all over the US and Europe throughout his career as a pop artist. He’s toured with Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child among others and has charted on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs and Top 40 Singles.

As an unapologetic artist, Rebel has always been vocal about his political views and his views as a fashion icon. His fashion choices seem to represent cultural as well as gender crossover but by blending and blurring the lines, Rebel shows the complexity we all possess and how it can’t just be classified as right or wrong. His choices find their way in his art as well, as he craft songs that are not only visually appealing but also thought provoking.

In an interview with PopImpressKA journal, the singer-songwriter talked about his inspiration,

“I was heavily influenced by trailblazers like David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Prince. They were strong men not afraid to be male peacocks. I have a connection to all of them in certain ways and you can hear that in my music. Michael Jackson was the first person to sign me to his label MJJ Records under the SONY umbrella. Madonna later signed me to her label Maverick Records. When I was a kid, My parents used to blast the Beatles and Queen so I became very aware of what good music was at a young age.”

With a history of creating and performing hits, Ricky Rebel’s songs are always worth waiting for. Today, CelebMix premieres the music video for his single “Magic Carpet”.

The energetic pop anthem seems to use the sound of the east. Taking a cue from Aladdin, Rebel uses the trope of “magic” to depict the effect of love. But instead of using the eastern sound like a mere aesthetic, he uses it as a medium to narrate his story. He not only incorporates a different culture but also blends his voice to the distinct musical sound of that culture. Rebel is known for providing variety to his audience and this song is no different. 

Flying across deserts and cities, the music video transitions through multiple landscapes and dimension. The well-executed concept for the video seems to play around the themes of space and time, disrupting both the entities to depict a refurbished self.

The one man army uses the video to showcase his talent as a singer and a performer and succeeds in hooking the viewer till the end.

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Written by Ayushi

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