Exclusive with Anneliese Van Der Pol

Anneliese Van Der Pol stole our hearts as Chelsea on That’s So Raven. We got to chat exclusively with the star for our first birthday celebration, check it out.

What have you been up to lately?
Well lots actually! I’m coming up on over a year now living in NYC permenently as my residence and still taking in all the city has to offer and loving it! Besides checking out all the best local hot spots to eat, (currently the chicken and waffles at Sylvias are my craving) and cozying up to my boy in our east Harlem apartment I am out on the town at Broadway performances, checking out the local comedy clubs and one man/women shows that are being offered. If I’m not doing that, I am working on my own one woman concert/show that will be coming up at 54 below for two performances in July. I’m also working diligently on my own 60 minute stand up act which revolves around my days on the TSR set and all the ups and downs after Raven ended. Juicy stuff! ;) I’m also in development for producing my own online media content (as that is the way of the future) and preparing to hopefully make a return to Broadway this fall! I have a new agent and she is FIERCE!!!. Other than that… I am a human TV guide. Tonight I think Real Housewives of NY and Love an Hip Hop will be my bedtime stories.

You are best known for playing Chelsea on That’s So Raven. What is it like to have been a part of such a beloved series.
Playing the role of Chelsea (originaly Molly) on TSR was the happiest and most memorable time of my life. It truly was 7 years of absolute bliss. I got to wake up every day, have someone pick out cute clothes for me, fix my face, make people laugh, and have bacon willingly shoved in my face constantly. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. It bought me a home and forever long friends, a second family and the greatest fans around the world. I think what is most special to me and what I’m most proud of is how diverse our show was and how each actor on our show was and is a true comedian. Our show came in all colors and sizes. I always loved to joke that I was the token white Jew on the show. Raven is one of the best physical female comedians out there and it was an absolute joy to work along side her. She made us all better. I think it is a shame that the newer Disney Channel shows out right now have very little diversity in there casting and a real lack of knowing what funny actually is. I think young viewers should be given more credit. It can be a fine line between teaching a lesson while still making one laugh at the same time and our show conquered that. Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t come up to be and says they loved my character, or they grew up with me, or I made their high school years, or… just asked for a hug. I mean, a hug? How bad can that be? My favorite is when I get a long winded story of a situation in which a bunch of college students are crowded in a dorm room, smoking, and laughing their asses off.

Would you consider a sequel series like Girl Meets World or Fuller House?
Hmmmmmmm… let me think… hmmmm… uuuuhhhhh HELL YES I WOULD!!! Of course! I would jump at the chance to be with my second family. A chance to revisit my character who I think of oh so often. A chance to yet again be around ever flowing bacon. Of course. But alas no one has come from the great Micky Mouse ears office knocking on my upper east flat asking me to clear my schedule. If you or anyone can make that happen be my guest. I’ll tell ya, I know Raven is down.

You also played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Would you be interested in returning to the Broadway stage.
My answer again would be, “yes of course” the stage is my original home and it is where I belong. I moved out here permenently for that exact reason and moved some other things around as well. I have been performing all around the United States since I was 11 years old and received my Equity card at the age of 9. It is what I know. There is nothing like being in front of a live audience. But the right thing has to come along. I’m not a rock singer and have no desire to be in Kinky Boots but when they revive Funny Girl or Evita again, or anything Patti Lupone… Im their gal. :)

We’re just gonna put it out there, you’d be perfect as Princess Anna in Frozen
THANK YOU FOR THAT COMPLIMENT AND SUGGESTION! I WILL PASS IT ALONG THE IDEA TO MY AGENT ASAP! How fun would that be!!?? I think Anna is strong willed, kind and absolutely adorable.. Let’s start a campaign!!! #LieskeIsFrozen lmao

What is the best part of singing and acting.
I think the best part would have to be that when I’m doing it… When I’m ACTUALLY doing it, I know that that is EXACTLY what I should be doing. That I was put on this planet to do what I’m doing. I think so many people go through life not knowing their place. Whether it be that they don’t have the money and resources to be able to figure it out, or they don’t have anyone to speak to about their passions or they are living in a part of the world where they may be forced to stay in their lane. I have a passion and I happen to be really fucking good at it. That is pretty awesome. I’d say more awesome than my biggest paycheck. Its a natural high unlike anything else.

What are the worst parts of singing and acting?
I’d say besides the long 8 show weeks and the having to sometimes be “on” or the occasional strep throat and not being able to perform to the best of your ability, it is the not knowing when and where your next job is coming from. I think, no I KNOW, that any actor would attest to this. NO matter how big or small you are in this beast we call the industry there are always highs and lows. And the higher you are the further the fall. Nothing lasts forever and you have to learn to try and enjoy the ride. The entire ride. You have to remember that your work or lack there of, doesn’t define you. Hopefully you are able to surround yourself with a community that gets it and two awesome sisters who always have your back and KNOW you’re the shit.

Have you had any crazy fan experiences?
I’m sorry but I’ve got nothing juicy there. I could make something up but it would be lies… LIES I TELL YOU! My fans are the best and have been nothing but respectful and a joy to be around especially when they notice me on the subway. Next Stop 59th Street!!!!

What can we expect from you in the future?
I absolutely want to dive into the world of social media content and producing my own material. It is a great platform to produce and release your own content to such a mass audience. And if I have it my way and all the stars align, by September 23 (my birthday) I will be starring in both Funny Girl on Broadway and my own Amy Schumer like sketch comedy series on Comedy Central. It could and should happen!

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