EXO release teaser for “Total Eclipse” and confirm their comeback in September

Today seems to be the day of teasers. After deleting all the posts from her social media channels, Taylor Swift finally released a cryptic teaser on social media. However, she isn’t the only one. EXO might not have deleted their posts like Swift but they have left their fans in a frenzy.

Mysterious Post and a Teaser

Today, the group dropped a teaser video for their probable new single “Total Eclipse”. A lot of hints and guesses preceded before the final teaser was revealed on Twitter.

The first hint was made as an announcement for Solar Eclipse. The time and date were exactly the one for Solar Eclipse in the US.

Fans noticed that the manner of announcement was pretty similar to the one made during MAMA’s release. They are seeing it as an hint towards a new music release.

The video showcases eclipse and Beakhyun’s voice. We are assuming it to be a ballad but with EXO, you never know what might happen. The caption in the tweet says,

A message from EXO Planet

It is followed by the group’s message in the video,

The power of music arises when the eclipse occurs

Comeback in September

But the surprise does not end here. The group confirmed that they will be making a comeback in the month of September with the repackaged version of their fourth album “The War”. As per SM Entertainment,

“EXO is planning on releasing a repackaged album in early September. We will announce the exact schedule when it is decided.”

Now, all we have to do is wait and watch.

So, are you excited? What do you make out of the teaser video? Share your theory via tweet @CelebMix.

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