What To Expect In The Upcoming Season 6 of Suits


After a very shocking season finale, season six of ‘SUITS’ is finally coming up and fans are eagerly waiting!

The Season five finale, as you may remember, ended with Mike Ross going to jail. His wedding, to the extremely gorgeous and intelligent Rachel Zane, was called off and ‘Pearson Specter Litt’ faced some serious issues. And if all this wasn’t enough to cause a breakdown, we also found out that Mike would have been found innocent!

SUITS Season 6. 1

The episode left us with a lot to think about. Since it aired, it has caused us a lot of curiosity and impatience, not only about what will happen next, but the manner in which the story will now be presented. Will we actually see what Mike goes through in jail in the present or will we receive a series of spread out flashbacks?

In a recent interview Aaron Korsh made this statement.

“We’re coming back right where we left off. Much of the time when we land on a huge, earth-shattering event in our world, we contemplate a time jump. It’s probably just the way I think about things, but I always end up feeling like if we’re just going to time-jump out of it, what was the purpose of ending there? You want to see how we’re going to get out of it in a specific way. We’ll often always think about a time jump and then a flashback, but then we counter with wondering why we just don’t pick it up there in the first place. So we half-did that at the beginning of season five. But no, we’re coming back to the very night that we ended the episode on. The entire episode as is currently contemplated takes place with Mike’s first night in prison and the first night back at the firm when they’ve come back and it’s empty.” -The Hollywood Reporter.

So there you have it, we will indeed be seeing exactly what faces Mike and in the present too! Korsh also gave a subtly intriguing ‘spoiler’ about what is to come. During the interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he said that the next season would be about how Mike coped in his drastically different environment, how prison would affect all his relationships and also how the firm would handle all their issues and the steps they’ll take to overcome them.

Rick Hoffman (Louis Litt) has hinted that while his character has recently been rather tense and emotional, as has the entire season with Harvey’s panic attacks and Mike’s arrest, we may be seeing a lighter more ‘comedic’ side to Louis once again. Could this mean that the season itself may have some lighter moments?

As well as this, Patrick Adams (Mike Ross) has said in an interview, “This is really gonna expand the show. … There’s something of a hero’s journey in [his decision], where someone just has to man up and say there’s an out here. He’s found a family in these people and the last thing he wants is to have a decision he made out of desperation to be something that rips them all apart. And if he has to take the bullet for two years, then he’s gotta do it. I’m really excited to see what that does for Mike from this point on.”Here are some clips of what is to come”. So we are set for a possible change in plot lines, emotions and we are definitely getting some new and interesting characters.

We definitely cannot wait!

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Written by CelebMix