SUITS Season 5 Tick Tock Review- WARNING, SPOILERS!

Somehow Suits continues to get better and better and considering how amazing the very first episode was, by now they must have surpassed all levels of brilliance. Each episode is more fascinating than the last, each season more memorable, needless to say, it is truly phenomenal. Continuing this trend is the latest episode, Tick Tock.

The 15th episode of season five has definitely earned its way into the best episodes of the series, with extreme ease may we add. The episode brought every emotion and every theme to the table and crafted it in such a way that the viewers were left in complete and utter awe.

The episode begins with the recalling of Clifford Danner, who Mike intends to call to the stand as a witness to help clear his name of fraud, as it is decided he will fight his own case. Shockingly, we find that Clifford was shot and killed, yet his mother decides to testify in his place due to her gratitude to Mike. This move from Michael also came as a test of faith for Harvey who knows that this case has to be won, not only for the sake of Mike , but for everyone as Pearson Spectre Litt.

Throughout the episode we see the classic Mike and Harvey relationship. The brotherly attitude, the secretive care for one and other and the immediate understanding of the other’s moves. The bond between the two is so strong that Mike is reluctant to give Harvey up and Harvey feels as though he is responsible for what is happening, so much so that he is prepared to both break the law or  hand himself over to save Mike. Thankfully however, Donna, in her classic, caring and reasoned ways, manages to convince him not to be rash. During course of this conversation, Harvey lets his guard down and displays a moment of vulnerability, claiming that it is his “Goddamn fault.” a level of vulnerability not seen since we learned of Harvey’s panic attacks.

Louis remains as Louis as can be. He begins to feel the pressure as Harvey steps down from being Mike’s attorney and he commences to consider throwing Harvey under the bus to clear his own name, saving himself from jail time. But thankfully, as Louis always does, he declines Anita Gibbs’ offer and stands by his fellow name partner.

In the end, it is actually Mike who may have turned himself in. And yes that’s right, the episode was left on the most agonising cliffhanger of all time. After delivering his closing statement, which was ever so inspirational, he realises that his true purpose as a lawyer is to help the “Clifford Danners of the world.” In the list of unexpected events, Mike takes on a case to help someone who was being taken advantage of. During course of this case he realises that not everyone is worthy of the help that they are offered and in a dramatic turn of events, Mike ends up at the US Attorney’s office, prepared to take the deal. Which deal that is, becomes the question that will haunt us for the next whole week.

Gabriel, Patrick, Rick, Sarah, Meghan and Gina all gave stellar performances and took us on a journey with them through the episode and into the lives of all the characters. Truly fantastic acting, worthy of the highest acclaim.

So, in conclusion, this Emmy worthy, finely acted, drama, shock, tension filled, jaw dropping, intensely heart breaking and overall extraordinarily sensational episode is the reason we all watch, adore and admire Suits.

So, which deal did Mike take? Did he take two years in prison or did he throw a name partner over to the wolves? Tweet us what you think and tell us how you felt about this episode @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix