Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop

Recently a strange trend appeared on Twitter, and it’s been causing people, or Directioners, to lose their mind. Many fans will remember the infamous game, 1DreamBoy, which was basically a simulator of getting to know (and date!) the members of One Direction, along with some unexplained guest appearances, such as Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, or The Plastics from Mean Girls. If you’ve played the game back in 2011, chances are it’s probably been tweeting ridiculous tweets from your account for the past few days and driving you mad since you don’t know how to stop it.

For example, some of our favourites are





And eventually coming to a conclusion


Obviously, the game is highly inaccurate. How would Liam win all of those air hockey matches, the guy broke his arm while breakdancing! Everyone knows Louis says “footie”, never “soccer”, and just how many times can The Plastics kidnap Niall before getting arrested?

No one knows for sure why these tweets are being sent, and while many suspect that their accounts have been hacked, chances are that it’s just a glitch in the game.

The game has two versions- the original and the second volume. If you play it now it will most likely remind you of some dark and hilarious times which deserve to be left in the “carrot” days, AKA 2011/2012, when Harry was with Taylor Swift, Liam was with Danielle Peazer, Louis was with Eleanor Calder, Zayn was with Perrie Edwards, and Niall… had Nandos and was kidnapped by The Plastics.

Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop 1

The game itself was fun (three years ago), and girls would spend a lot of time on their computers, simulating soccer dates with Louis, playing air hockey with Liam, singing karaoke with Zayn, eating with Niall, and fighting with Taylor Swift for Harry. Times were simpler back then and we were all a little foolish.

Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop 5

The million dollar question is- how do you make it stop tweeting for you? This may be the simplest million dollar question you’ve ever encountered, since the answer is simple- you revoke the game. To do this, grab a laptop (it can’t be done via phone, sadly) and log into your Twitter account.

From there, you go to your account settings.

Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop 1

On the left side, there should be a “Apps” option, which you click.

Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop 2

Final step is to revoke it’s access to your account by finding the game on the list, and clicking the “Revoke access” button.

Explanation: #1DreamBoy2again and how to make it stop 3

After that you should be all set and ready to tweet about SoccerAid again or how much you miss the boys while they’re on a hiatus.

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Written by Azra

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