“Fade Away” Teasers From Sam Feldt, Lush & Simon, and Inna

This Friday, the summer hit of 2017 will be released and the artists have been teasing the song for weeks. “Fade Away” sees iconic DJ Sam Feldt team up with rising DJ duo Lush & Simon as well as the internationally-known Romanian superstar, Inna. This track is set to define the summer of 2017.

We have seen a range of teasers for this song, with all three artists building up the buzz behind this track. Social media has certainly played its part in creating anticipation for the release of “Fade Away” on Friday.

The song was first premiered at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 30 May 2017, where Sam Feldt performed a DJ set for the Young Impact Celebration event. He was joined on stage by Lush & Simon and Inna for the performance of the song. They took a group selfie, with the audience behind and uploaded the photo to Instagram – this is the photo we’ve used for this article.

The first teaser of the song came when Sam Feldt created a video for Kingsday, where he performed at four shows in the following Netherlands cities: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Twente, and Groningen. The video also appeared on his Instagram on the same day.

Check Out Sam Feldt’s Kingsday Video Here:

The reveal of the single cover artwork came next, on 20 May 2017. This was the first official announcement of the song and the collaboration. As well as that, the release date of the single was also announced.

The artwork has the official stamp of the logo of Spinnin’ Records, but behind that, you can see profile images of Sam Feldt, Lush & Simon, and Inna in the sky. Down below, there’s a chair in the foreground, with its back turned towards us. Sitting down is, what we presume, is a woman in heels. Towards the background is a car speeding towards us, a setting or rising sun, and a body of water.

Check Out The Single Artwork For Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon’s “Fade Away” Feat. Inna Here:

Five days later, Sam Feldt teased the song even more by announcing his Fade Away Tour, which includes festivals and events around the world. The tour announcement video is in the style and colours of the single cover artwork and shows just how busy this DJ plans to be this summer.

Then Inna jumped on the bandwagon and started releasing teasers herself. She performed a short acoustic version of the song for her Instagram followers. Once again, she proves her vocal talent in this stripped back version of “Fade Away”. She is accompanied by Alex Cotoi on the guitar.

This rendition of the song is so sensual and honest; it really shows how much this song means to Inna, she honestly believes every single word of these lyrics. “Fade Away” is completely powerful, and we hope Inna releases an acoustic version of the song.

Next came the promotional videos, there are two in circulation on all the artist’s Instagrams, although we totally believe Sam Feldt started it all off.

One video contains clips from the Ziggo Dome premiere performance of the song. The other video looks like it’s set to come from the official music video, which we expect to be dropped this Friday also.

At the end of what we believe is part of the official music video, there are some credits. These credits reveal that the video is by Deni Kukura featuring Enisa Njemcevic; we believe the latter of the two names is the model or actress that appears in what could be the narrative part of this video.

Check Out The Teasing Videos That Sam Feldt Released On His Instagram:


Teasers are clearly Sam Feldt’s speciality, but can he promote this song enough to make it a global success? The song is definitely a defining summer hit for 2017, we have no doubt about that. Yet, it’s promotion that is usually the key to getting a song to have major success. This is where Inna comes in.

She went on Dutch radio station Radio 538 and performed an acoustic version of “Fade Away”. This was performed in a studio, so was much better than her previous acoustic version video. The video was released on 30 May 2017, but Sam Feldt later promoted it on his Instagram on 6 June 2017.

Check Out Inna Performing “Fade Away” Acoustically On Radio 538 Here:


We expect a lot more teasers to come, this is totally not the end; as Sam Feldt, Lush & Simon, and Inna gear up for the release of “Fade Away” on 9 June 2017.

This is totally set to be a 2017 summer anthem; it’s one we can’t get out of our heads and we’ve only heard clips and acoustic versions to date; just imagine what the full version is going to be like.

We also hope for some amazing remixes to drop later on in the year; DJs will be lining up to remix this track, that’s for sure.

What do you make of these teasers by Sam Feldt, Lush & Simon, and Inna? Are you excited for “Fade Away”? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

(Featured image taken from Sam Feldt’s Instagram Photo)

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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