Promotional photo for "Alleyways" which sees Faith Marie with ginger mid-length hair falling over a white long-sleeve shirt that is stuck into a black ra ra skirt. She's walking on a rocky beach with trees and greenery in the background.

Faith Marie releases her coming-of-age single titled “Alleyways”

Transitioning into adulthood brings a lot of emotions and Faith Marie has transformed them into a coming-of-age single, titled “Alleyways”. This follows up her previous single “Rock Bottom”.

Faith Marie, full name Faith Marie Johnson, is a singer-songwriter from Provo, Utah, who began her music career at just 13 years old when she launched a YouTube Channel that soon became popular, accumulating over 121,000 subscribers within five years. Her notoriety on YouTube led to her gaining over 80 million Spotify and YouTube streams, combined. She’s known for genre-bending and merging different styles of music together, so much so that her cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Drown” went viral, gaining over 5 million views. This is what launched her solo single, “Antidote”, which is still her most-streamed single on Spotify, seven years after it was first released, with over 14.3 million streams on the platform. Following just behind are singles that were released around the same time, “Devil on my Shoulder” and “Little Girl”, with 12.5 million and 10.5 million streams respectively. Her popularity and clear passion for music as well as her ability to mix and play around with different types of genres are certain skills that are going to make her a household name in the coming years.

Written by Faith Marie Johnson, produced by Dane Holmes & Caleb Loveless with additional producing from Amyn Bhai under the label that he owns – UUin, inc – alongside the help of Slowave Studios, and later mixed by Steve Phillips and mastered by Eric Boulanger, “Alleyways” has a haunted atmosphere to it as Faith Marie’s awesome mainstream pop vocals kick in with various vocal runs, awesome harmonies, and addicting vocal overlays. A dance melody interpolates around a dark deep backing track that allows Faith Marie’s voice to stay crisp, present, and clear. Her ability to plunge the song with heartfelt emotion works brilliantly with the relatable lyrics that explore self-belief and mental health as she decides to strip away care for what other people think of her and become her unapologetic self.

Talking about the track, Faith Marie said: “I realized in order to grow, I had to let go of other people’s ideas of me and explore the parts of myself I was afraid to address and take responsibility for my trauma and healing.”

The producer of the track, Amyn Bhai, who is also the label head of UUin, inc which this track was released in collaboration, said of the song: “Faith [Marie] first wrote the lyrics to the entire song, as she always does, and had some initial production ideas. We then took the songs and built the production out with our friends at Slowave Studios, where she also recorded the vocals. It was later polished and mixed with Steve Phillips, our engineer. On her new EP, people can expect more honesty in song form. The production direction is tailor-made for her, and the writing is 100% how she is feeling in the moment translated into song form. Faith has significantly grown as is natural with time passing.”

Stream “Alleyways” by Faith Marie on Spotify here:

“Alleyways” by Faith Marie is available to download and stream right now, via familiar mountains and UUin, inc. Faith Marie is expected to drop her debut three-track EP, titled “More than I am”, very soon.

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