Why Fans Love Bronnie

Bronnie is a British singer/songwriter who has released three single so far. Christmas single: “Modern Day Christmas”, which was then followed-up by “High School Sucks”; then she surprised her fans with a Halloween single “Scared Much”.

She recently toured with Josh Taylor on his “Hot for Me” Tour. She also sat down with CelebMix for an interview at the Birmingham tour date.

She has multiple fans from all over the world, preparing to promote her every step of the way. Named BronDogs, they are honest, caring, and devoted to Bronnie.

We took some time to speak with a few of her loyal BronDogs to find out why they love her so much. The response was totally overwhelming.

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Sophie | 15 | Cheshire, England, UK – “She’s totally down to earth, I love how she laughs at herself and doesn’t try to present herself to us as being perfect. She has an amazing, unique voice which suits the songs she sings. She’s an amazing songwriter – I love how her lyrics are about real life; they’re edgy and sometimes funny. She looks gorgeous, I LOVE her pink hair and her fashion style; I love that she manages to meet loads of top celebrities; I love the fact that she DMs me sometimes, totally out of the blue; I love how she interacts with us all as often as she can and I know that she appreciates us all. I love how she sounds like a young Avril Lavigne. I believe she can make it big if she keeps doing what she’s doing and us BronDogs keep promoting her. I often get messages from other BronDogs saying how lovely our BronDog family is and I think it’s because we are all ace (one of Bronnie’s favourite words). I love seeing that BronDogs around the country are planning to meet up at some of the shows. Bronnie is uniting the BronDogs! I love how many fans and fan accounts are popping up around the world. And I think her music videos are outstanding.”

Aimée | 15 | Newcastle, England, UK – “To be honest who couldn’t love a girl like Bronnie? She’s so, so lovely! She’s always there to cheer you up when you’re feeling down, whether it be a simple tweet or a small DM, she always makes me happy! Her style in both music and fashion is so nice and her hair colour is amazing. Bronnie is also so talented and definitely deserves more recognition! It’s great because her songs are so relatable! Also, she’s even more amazing live and in real life, it was so great to finally be able to meet her! <3”

Raj | 25 | Leicester, England, UK – “Why I love Bronnie? Well for that I need to go back 10 months ago when I posted about how I like Hey Violet’s song ‘Can’t Take Back the Bullet’, and one of Bronnie’s fans recommended me to see a cover she did for that song and it was amazing and I fell in love with her voice! She was so friendly and cool with me, we had so much stuff in common it was like she was a best mate, who snapchats each other, and have chats about how we love Aerosmith and pop punk bands.

“Even though I’ve never met her I have so much love for her and I am so incredibly proud of her achievements; I know she’ll be successful and I’ll be proud that I helped her get there with the amount us BronDogs promote and download Bronnie’s songs including her latest song ‘Scared Much’. Which is totally my style as I’m a heavy metal guy who likes the darker songs. So, thank you Bronnie, for being a friend and I will one day be in the crowd rockin’ out to you, much love from your favourite metal head BronDog.”

Watch Bronnie’s Halloween single “Scared Much” here:

Annie | 15 | Portugal – “I love Bronnie because she is such an amazing person. She cares very much about her fans and she really tries her best to makes us happy. Whenever I log into Twitter I always see her tweeting a fan or tweeting about how much she loves us. I have had the pleasure to spend a day with her here in Portugal and we also got lunch together, and I can say, that she is amazing. She is super funny; she is always happy, and she is very energetic. I love her music and she is so talented. I love Bronnie very much.”

Izzie | 13 | Coventry, England, UK – “Bronnie is so kind in person. She gives you the biggest and best hug you’ll probably ever get. And not to mention how good she is at singing too. She is my idol and I love her so much and I can’t wait to be front row at her headline tours in the future. Bronnie loves to interact with her fans all the time, which is something that not many famous people do anymore, and every time she likes my tweets or drops me a little DM, I become so happy! Oh, and I named my little kitten Broncat (her idea LOL) because she’s my inspiration.”

Kay | 18 | Glenrothes, Scotland, UK – “I started talking to Bronnie when she followed me on twitter, I didn’t know who she was I just knew she was a musician. I don’t tend to support people musically until I know what type of person they are, I wouldn’t support a mean person at all. But Bronnie is such a lovely girl, so friendly and funny. She’s so energetic and passionate and just a joy to watch, whether it being in a music video or just one of her vlogs. I have spoken to her for about a year now and I would consider us very close friends.

“She is extremely passionate about her fans and loves them to bits. Not only does she appreciate our love and support, but she also supports us not just with fan projects or covers; she also supports us if we are going through emotional struggles. She has helped me a lot through very tough times. I have sent her an alien choker and she seems to wear it all the time, she very much appreciates gifts from fans, she wears the jewellery and clothing sent, and puts pictures and fan art on her wall. She is a fantastic musician, has a great voice and has a fabulous look and stage presence; I love her style. It’s very “punk poppy” and I love that type of music. I recommend for people to look into her because of the person she is and the music she performs.”

Antonia | 14 | Walnut, Kansas, US – “We love her because she’s so kind and carefree. She talks to all of us BronDogs. Whether it’s just a simple ‘hello’ or just talking about her music. She’s very nice and she’s just an amazing person in general. Although I’ve never met her, I can see her as a cool, laid-back type of person, who loves adventures. Her music makes me happy, it makes me want to dance, have fun, etc. I think she’d be an awesome person to spend the day with, and she’d be an amazing friend to have. I can’t wait to see her on stage, touring the world, with millions of fans cheering for her and singing along with her, to her beautiful music.”

Mazz | 15 | Birmingham, England, UK – “So I went to Josh Taylor’s ‘Hot for Me’ tour in Birmingham and Bronnie was one of the support acts. I had never heard of her before but I was super excited to hear her music. The first thing I noticed when she came on stage was her hair; I absolutely love it. She performed some original songs and a mashup cover. When she’s on stage, she just seems so happy and the energy she brings is amazing. She is super talented and is the loveliest person ever. Also, her music is so relatable and literally everything about her is amazing. Why wouldn’t you love Bronnie?”

Stacey | 28 | Annesley, England, UK – “I’ve been supporting Bronnie since last November when I saw a YouTube video ‘Valentines Day’ with Chris Bourne and I’ve been in love with her since. Bronnie is very talented, her original songs ‘High school Sucks’, ‘Scared Much’, and ‘Idiot’ are amazing to hear live. Even cover songs are absolutely incredible, she makes them her own. I’ve been lucky to see her twice; in February supporting Jamie Skinner, and October supporting Josh Taylor. If I could I’d see her tomorrow, she’s an amazing artist and I believe she will go far. Bronnie is really down to earth, kind, generous, and makes you feel like you’ve known her for years, especially when you meet her in person. I love receiving direct messages from Bronnie, it brightens my day up.  I love you Bronnie. <3”

Watch “Valentines Day”, the collaboration between Chris Bourne and Bronnie here:

Monika | 19 | Warsaw, Poland – “I’m very grateful to her because she found me on Twitter. I love her voice, it’s great. She’s amazing because she has such an awesome relationship with her fans! We feel like we are speaking with a friend rather than someone who doesn’t know us! I know that I can always write to Bronnie and rely on her help. Meeting Bronnie would be amazing and I dream about it every day. I love her! <3”

K.C | 12 | Manila, The Philippines – “I’ve been a fan of Bronnie since she followed me on Twitter, at first I didn’t really have the motivation to listen to her music, but when I checked out her YouTube channel; she changed my life. I love Bronnie so much, she’s just awesome and really talented.“

Theresa | 15 | Vienna, Austria – “I love Bronnie because she’s an adorable human being and really kind. She is really talented and I know that she’ll get very far. I love that she’s like a friend to her fans like we can always message her if we don’t feel well.”

Amy | 15 | Wirral, England, UK – “Bronnie is such an amazing person and honestly, before we met at Josh Taylor’s tour, she was DMing me and she was just so lovely and we found out we were so alike, she’s just a fab person! I met her at Josh’s tour and I was like, wow; her voice was amazing. I was so scared she wouldn’t remember me but turns out she did but she made me so so happy on that day! I finally met my best friend! It was the best day of my life. I’m glad she’s here for everyone because everyone needs someone like Bronnie in their life. She’s such a kind and lovely person I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. I love you Bronnie x”

Daisy | 17 | Alpha, Illinois, US – “There are so many reasons why I love Bronnie but here are just a few! She’s is so carefree and doesn’t care what people think, she does what makes her happy. She looks out for her fans and actually talks to us like we are her friends. She goes out of her way to try to meet all her fans and to make sure that we know that she loves us all. Bronnie messages her fans at random times just to make us smile and it means the world to me when I get those random messages; it always brings a smile to my face and brightens my day.”

Tina | 15 | Greece – “Two years ago, when I was a Little Black Star [an Avril Lavigne fan], a fan account suggested me to watch a cover of ‘Mobile’ that Bronnie had done. That was the beginning! When the video ended, I adored her! I started searching all Bronnie’s social media and videos. Since then my life has changed. Her positive energy, her smile, the glam on her face and of course her angel voice made me happy. She was adorable, she was my idol! She was the first of all the great stars, because she made me love her and Avril Lavigne was just a singer that I liked but Bronnie was my idol!

“Now I have a fan account for her on Twitter and I cannot imagine my life without hearing her voice; watching her vlogs and her songs. Well, when I found her first songs, I thought it was simply pure magic. I started singing them and playing them on the piano. I told my friends about her. Especially when ‘High School Sucks’ came out; I was shocked! It was my all-time favourite song. I am a hater of school, of course, so this year I downloaded all her songs and when the school lessons end I turn on my MP3 and I listen to this amazing song to the maximum and I say: ’Thank you Bronnie’. Bronnie is my whole life! I adore her and I cannot live without her music! I will never stop supporting her! Bronnie you are my one and only, that’s why I love you. <3”

Watch Bronnie’s music video to “High School Sucks” here:

Faith | 15 | UK – “I love Bronnie because she is so so talented, beautiful and she is so lovely to all her BronDogs! She always puts her fans before anything else which I think is so sweet. Bronnie continues to amaze her BronDogs every time she releases a new song or cover and always makes us very proud. I am so glad I got to see Bronnie sing live and meet her! I can always count on Bronnie to make me smile and laugh if I’ve had a bad day and if I need cheering up. I am so so proud to call myself a BronDog. I love you loads Bronnie and I look forward to meeting you again very soon. Lots of love Posh Faith. ;)”

Ellie | 14 | UK – “I love Bronnie because, she is such a beautiful, talented person with a lovely personality. She performs amazingly live and has an amazing voice. She is so lovely in meet and greet and I loved meeting her so much. Bronnie is always up for a chat and is always there to talk if you need her. She also gives the best advice in any situation! I love all of her songs and covers. She always makes me laugh and smile and I’m proud to call myself a BronDog. I love you so much and look forward to the future chats and shows. :) Love from farmer Ellie. ;)”

Isabelle | 18 | Germany – “I love Bronnie because she’s the nicest, most beautiful, kindest and one of the most talented women in the world! She loves her BronDogs so much, we’re one big family! She is a hard-working girl who deserves the world. Her voice is incredible. It’s calm but so strong at the same time! Bronnie is not only a talented singer but an amazing guitarist and songwriter. She’s a super funny girl, that’s totally obsessed with candles and aliens! Bronnie’s favourite season of the year is winter because she is in LOVE with Christmas. She also loves Halloween very much.

“Bronnie has written many amazing songs, my all-time favourite is her unreleased song ‘Imaginary Friend’. It’s a beautiful song that Bronnie sings with so much passion. She sang it on Periscope for me and it was absolutely amazing! But ‘Imaginary friend’ isn’t the only song of Bronnie’s that I totally love. ‘High School Sucks’, ‘Modern Day Christmas’ and ‘Scared Much’ are songs that I enjoy rocking out to. I also can’t wait for her to release her other songs like ‘Imaginary Friend’, of course, ‘Social Rejects’, ‘Idiot’, ‘Screw You’, etc. I’m telling you this woman will run the world! I love and support her with all my heart. <3”

Listen To Bronnie’s debut single “Modern Day Christmas” here:

Alan | 62 | Kingston Upon Hill, England, UK – “Well I know I’m an older fan of Bronnie but I’ve got to say her music is out of this world and Bronnie is more talented than some people know. She’s a very kind, caring person to all us BronDogs; she’s lively and can turn her mind to anything she wants.”

Lisa | 16 | Chester, England, UK – “I love Bronnie because she is genuine to all her fans and cares more than any other artists that I’ve followed. She followed me back when she was in the Ryan Seacrest contest and I set up a fan account just about her. Her music is really cool and punky and she’s funny.”

Lisa | 28 | Leeds, UK – “I love Bronnie. I’ve been a fan of Bronnie since day one, really; I’m so proud of everything she has achieved and going to achieve in the future, and I know she’s going to go far in life. I love Bronnie’s music I love how she is so passionate about her music, she’s so talented. I love how she makes time to interact with all her fans no matter where we all live. I’m so proud and happy to be a BronDog. I will always support Bronnie. <3”

Rebecca | 14 | Newcastle, England, UK – “I absolutely love Bronnie so much! She saves me daily; her humour is so amazingly funny. Her voice is, omg! It’s out of this universe; she’s my life goals, she’s absolutely stunning, she keeps me company when I’m lonely, and I appreciate everything she does for me and everyone. She’s so inspirational and I love her more than the universe and, hopefully, I will see her again soon. <3”

Margit | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US – “I supported Bronnie when she won the Ryan Seacrest contest and I’m really into music like 5 Seconds Of Summer and All Time Low, etc. I love her single ‘High School Sucks’ and I play it on Spotify all the time and show my friends everywhere. I hope she makes it big as she deserves it.”

Watch her Ryan Seacrest entry, which she won, here:

Mair | 16 | Y Felinheli, Wales, UK – “I think Bronnie is just brilliant. She sings her heart out every time and works for everything, so she well deserves to make it in music. She’s always so lovely to everyone and I met her, as her family have a house in our village, in Wales. Now all my friends love her.”

Kerri | 15 | Hertford, England, UK – “Bronnie means the world to me because she’s real, genuine, pretty, pink-haired, rockin’, funny, happy, kind, and a friend to all of us BronDogs. I’m a huge 5 Seconds Of Summer fan and so is she; she’s the only famous person ever to follow me and talk to me on my DM. When I was going through a difficult time with friendship groups in school she messaged me every day for a week to see if I was ok (I actually want to cry now just thinking about what she did for me) and she helped me feel more confident. When I am old enough, I want to go to college to study music because she has taught me that if I want to do something and I am working hard at that thing, I could learn all about it and become really good. I have all three of her singles on iTunes and I play them to anyone who will listen.”

Gina | 19 | Lake Placid, New York, US – “Bronnie sang ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, which is my favourite song, so I started to follow her on YouTube, Twitter, Insta, etc. She’s an amazing singer and her own songs that she writes are really good. My favourite is ‘Stay’ and I hope one day she records that for an EP or album. I hope she gets real big so I can go see her in concert one day. If I could give her the biggest hug that would be so sweet. If I lived in Great Britain I would like to be her friend and hang out.”

Candice | 19 | Bournemouth, England, UK – “I started watching Bronnie Hughes when she recorded ‘Valentines Day’ with Chris Bourne. I’ve been a Busted fan for years and Chris is James Bourne’s brother. She is cool and seems really friendly. I love her covers and I have ‘High School Sucks’ on all the time. Her new song [‘Scared Much’] is amazing and the video is wicked. I think she’s going to huge and she reminds me of Avril Lavigne, another favourite of mine.”

We even took the time to get a few words from Bronnie’s father and manager, Mark. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m so proud of Bronnie. She puts so much work into writing, recording and playing her music but she also spends an incredible amount of time behind-the-scenes talking with fans on social media. That’s the bit that most people don’t see but she’s such a sociable person and she’s overwhelmed with the love and support she receives from fans around the world that it’s her nature to spend time talking to them. The milestones she’s reached over the past year and the progress she’s made is so encouraging; to be honest I’ve never known her to be as happy as she is right now. I’m enjoying splitting my role between being her dad and manager. It’s fun.”

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The incredible love and support for Bronnie is undeniable, and these are only the fans we managed to speak to, there are much more out there who we didn’t get the chance to speak to.

Tell us why you love Bronnie on Twitter @CelebMix.

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