Why Fans Love Sarah Close

We recently asked on Twitter why you loved the amazing singer/songwriter Sarah Close! We got so many that we couldn’t include them all but here are some of our favourites!

Personally, I love Sarah because she has such a lovely voice but she just seems and is a lovely person, like she actively replies to her fans and made a group chat with a lot of them, and when she didn’t like the app for the group chat before instead of just leaving the chat, she made a new one. Another reason why I love Sarah is because that she has allowed me to make new friends and talk to the loveliest people:) – @bastillerin

I love Sarah because her voice is incredible and her videos make me so happy! She’s also so kind, beautiful and genuine and really cares about her fans :) – @tradleymetria

Sarah is genuinely an inspiration, she’s worked extremely hard to get where she is today and I couldn’t think of anyone with more passion and drive toward their goal as she has. She’s a stunner and a goddess and probably the only person to be excited about getting a door, I love her so much and I can’t wait to stand in the front row of her first concert!- @steph_XIX

Her voice is just really unique and she’s much more natural than other YouTubers. None of all that electric studio music. It’s her and a piano and she does it well. There’s an innocent vulnerability about her. – @naughtymendes

I love Sarah because she is an amazingly talented person who a very kind heart. She always helps fans out with things and speaks out for great and import causes. She makes my world a better place, not just my world but everyone else’s. She can make so many happy just by being herself and we couldn’t ask for more. She deserves all the happiness and love in the world. – @sozclose

She’s just an amazing not to forget a gorgeous person. Her singing is lovely and to me, it’s also really important and great that she speaks up for causes in general. – @GabyartPopp

Sarah is one of the kindest people I know… She always makes me smile, plus her voice is unreal! I’m positive that her new EP is going to be amazing, really hope she gets the recognition she deserves!!- @megdalyy

Sarah is an incredibly humble & a hardworking human. she’s never afraid to put out her opinion on anything, and honestly, I find it really inspiring. She taught me to work hard because, in the end, it’s actually worth it. She doesn’t get enough credit for what she does on YouTube, and I love her so much. – @HOTLINESIVAN

Saz has helped us all become friends and without them and her I wouldn’t be where I am today! We can’t thank her enough for all she has ever done :) – @saz_squad

I love Sarah because she is genuinely a nice person, she’s amazing at singing and she’s absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for her ep to come out as I know it’s going to be incredible and I know it will be very successful!? – @caitlynndorothy

Sarah is one of the nicest and most gorgeous people I know, never fails to put a smile on my face…beautiful on the inside and out!! her ep is going to be so successful and everyone’s going to be so proud of her. I know she’s been working so hard and I know it’s going to be worth it. every single one of her singing videos makes me so jealous of how stunning her voice is, I would die for a voice like hers!- @OliviaPottage

Sarah’s voice is 11/10 – @wwanderstruck

Sarah is just a great person all around. She talented, smart, funny, pretty and caring. She deserves to go far and she’s going to,  we all know it! – @awesomealbons

One day sooner or later Saz is going to make it big. Not just on YouTube but around the world. I’m very proud of her. She has taught me so much and has made me so confident about myself and my music. If you read this Sarah keep up the amazing work, we are all so proud of you. – @ohmytoophil

Dear Sarah pumpkin Close, you are seriously, without a doubt, my favourite person ever created. I love every single one of the potatoes in Club Close which you managed to put together. I am extremely grateful for that, you can put a smile on my face even on the darkest days. I seriously cannot wait for the day I see you on banners and be that one on the internet who says that I’ve been here since 2014. I love you lots Sarah x – @sazcloseisqueen

So there you have it! A bunch of messages fans have said for Sarah about why they love her. If you have any more reasons tweet them to us on twitter @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix