Fans review: Justin Bieber’s first ever concert in Croatia

For Croatian Beliebers, November 9th was a night that they’ll forever cherish and never forget. It was the night all of their dreams came true at once. For it was the night that Justin Bieber held his very first concert in their country.

Looking at the whole situation from an outsiders perspective, November 9th 2016 may seem like just another concert date, but to these fans (and about 18.000 more) it represents the night that all of their efforts and hard work finally came to show. Ever since Justin Bieber’s career kicked off, there were always rumours and hopes of getting the young talented performer to put on a show for this crowd. The Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian Beliebers have done countless projects to get their idol to notice the three neighbour countries- exchanging ideas over Facebook, making videos, organising meet-ups, making petitions, contacting media outlets,…

So when it was announced just about a year ago that Justin is bringing his Purpose world tour to Croatia, it was emotional. Beliebers managed to find out get every single detail about the concert within minutes, and they booked their tickets as soon as they could.

So what was the whole experience like for them? Well, we decided to talk to them after the concert, to experience the event through their eyes.

S.C., Croatia: “The concert was amazing! Absolutely everything was perfect, his dancers are so amazing and talented and he is so cute. He cried at the concert, he told us that this is a house of love, and we are an amazing crowd, “one of a kind”. He promised that he’ll come back. At that time of Q&A one girl asked him to sing That Should Be Me and he was like “you guys remember that song” and we were like yeah and then he started to sing accapella. Also some other girl asked to sing One Less Lonely Girl and he did. I’m speechless, really can’t explain how incredible time I had. At the end he took our flag and wore it. And the groups MiC Lowry and The Knocks were amazing!

After the concert my friend and I went to the after party in club “The Best” were DJ Tay James played music, and even MiC Lowry were there. We had such a good time dancing and then Justin Bieber came. MiC Lowry and Justin had their own VIP there. And after some time two of guys from the MiC Lowry (Ben and Akia) came next to us and they were just standing there, so I asked for a picture. I told them that they were amazing tonight and they smiled and thanked us. So then, Akia asked me if we want to go in the VIP section with them and I was like yeah, sure and he said but please no pictures and I was like of course. So we went with him, and we were there, where nobody could come in, in their VIP, with Justin Bieber and MiC Lowry. I couldn’t believe this is happening to me. Justin was sweet he was smiling and talking with everyone. I was in front of him, sometimes even next to him. He really is a normal guy who is enjoying in his life and who wants to have fun with his friends. He is really cool. And the guys from the Mic Lowry were great. They are really nice guys and they have amazing voices. So, Justin was the first one to leave, but before he left he gave me and my friend a fist bump.

And we stayed for a little while with Mic Lowry and then went home.

I’ve waited Justin to come to Croatia for 8 years, I was there from the beginning and then this amazing night happened. With the concert and after. I’m so happy and can’t explain how. I don’t have a picture and maybe people won’t believe me, but my friend and I will remember this night forever. Thank you Akia and Ben for this!”

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Sandra, Slovenia: “After 6 years my moment to attend a Justin Bieber concert has finally arrived. I can’t even describe the feelings I had before and after the concert. It all felt like a dream. And it was all so perfect.The stage, the scene, the choreography, the dancers, the band, everything was amazing up to the last detail. And of course, there was Justin. If you asked me to pick the best part of the concert I probably wouldn’t be able to do that. Maybe it was the moment at the beginning of the concert when Justin came out on stage in a glass box and started to sing Mark My Words. Or when he was singing Company and a trampoline descended from the ceiling. Or maybe Justin’s drum solo. Or the acoustic part. Or when Justin came closer to the crowd so he can hand the over the microphone to enable the first row to ask him a few questions.

If I could, I would relive this day countless times.”

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Ana T, Croatia: “For the sole purpose of being close to Justin, we arrived at the arena at 8 in the morning. I came with my friend and then other girls started lining up. We all befriended each other rather quickly and we became super close. We spent the whole day together and made plans of how we were going to go in and just run to the ground floor. It was amazing, we encouraged each other and it was truly awesome. We’re all still in contact, we exchange pictures, videos, experiences, etc.

I’m still not completely aware of the fact that I actually saw him. I’ve been a fan since 2009, back when his first song One Time came out, and I can’t believe I finally heard him and saw him live, after all those years. To be completely honest with you, I cried. I’m not emotional by nature, but all of this hit me way too hard, and a lot of the other girls felt the same. All of his songs and performances were unique in their own way. Each song carried with it a story that I could relate with. I also loved the fact that he sang two of his older songs just for us, during the Q&A. By watching him, you can just see all of the effort he puts in his performances. He danced a lot and he sung, and I hope that we were able to replicate that energy. The one moment I’ll remember is when he looked at me. My heart melted, and that will be my most treasured memory. I feel kind of sad for not getting to meet him when he was going around Zagreb or clubbing.

That would be that. It was excellent, an amazing experience. It was worth waiting in line for 12 hours, all of that pushing, the hair pulling, the elbowing, just to stand with your very own two feet in the first rows of a Justin Bieber concert.”

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Ajna Mujagic, Bosnia: “Justin is so precious, so adorable, and so tiny! He had those glasses on at first which made him look like a little teddy bear. I didn’t believe I would cry, but I couldn’t believe he was in front of me. Seven years have passed and we always waited and hoped for the day when he would finally come, even after we were so confused after we didn’t get a Believe tour date. Then at the last moment they released tickets [for the Purpose tour] and I remember buying them the very first day, even though there we’re extra payments. The concert was amazing, as were all of the efects, dancers, their costumes and dances and Justin’s singing and playing the guitar and drums, but the organisation of the arena was horrific. The Q&A that he did was so interesting, especially after a girl asked him to sing One Less Lonely Girl. He did it so well and I thing I just about melted about 300 times as he sang.”

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Monica Jukic, Croatia: “The concert was spectacular, perfect, and simply indescribable. I enjoyed every part and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for five years and I still can’t believe it happened. I do admit that my emotions hit hard at the very beginning, and also when he shed a tear himself. That had a real impact on me, but in a good way. Every song was ideal, the dancers were at the top of their game. The thing I liked the most was that he was finally heard. All of the Beliebers know very well what he wanted and what he meant when he talked about not liking screaming at one of his past concerts. I just wants to be heard, to form a relationship with the crowd, and that was exactly what we enabled him to do, which is why he called the arena a “house of love” and us “one of a kind”. I believe that our Beliebers trust his promise to visit us again and to enjoy our specialities.”

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Anastasija Vukovic, Serbia: “I arrived at the arena at 5 o’clock, and headed straight to the D entrance because it was closest to me. I saw a lot of people waiting impatiently for the doors to open, so that they could live out the dream that they’ve had for years, just like me. We waited for a long time so I headed for a walk, and I saw a stand with Justin’s Purpose merch. They didn’t have too much merch, compared to all the people that came to the concert. I bought a bracelet that says “Justin Bieber World Tour” and I fell instantly in love (haven’t taken it off since). As soon as the doors opened, we headed straight to the arena where Justin would be singing. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and I got the best stops on the ground floor. The only resentment that I had was the poor organisation of the arena, since I was pushed all the time and I nearly passed out from the heat and the lack of air. Luckily, a few glasses of water later, I was feeling better and was able to enjoy the concert. Justin was perfect, as per usual, and I don’t think that anyone should even comment on that. It seemed unreal up to the point when he walked up on stage, so unreal that I kept checking if it was really him. It seemed unreal to see Justin Bieber, the world’s biggest pop star, here in Zagreb. He is real”

I recorded everything, I memorised every little detail. The really interesting bit for me was when Juss did the Q&A with us. Even though only three fans got the chance to ask questions, it felt wonderful since hearing him speak live is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a Belieber. I loved the fact that he said we were “one of a kind”, he even cried a bit. Absolutely perfect.

The song I loved most -whether it’s by his singing, the choreography, or anything else- was probably The Feeling or Sorry, but out of his older song it was definitely One Less Lonely Girl. To hear one of his biggest hits which was already forgotten, and to hear it without any music, just silence, Justin, and us Beliebers, felt heavenly.

I just know I’ll remember this for a long time… The dream of every Belieber is to see their idol live, and for me that dream finally came true on November 9th, 2016. I still can’t find the words to describe how wonderful and unforgeable of an experience it was.

Thank you for everything Justin, Balkan loves you!”

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Mia Debelic, Croatia: “When I arrived in front of the arena at 3:30 PM, there was a huge crowd of people waiting by the entrance. We walked around for a bit, and after meeting up with my internet best friend, we (including my sister and my best friend) made our way to the line so we can get in the arena. We got in the line at 4:20 PM and we waited for the doors to open at 6 PM. As soon as they opened, we all got extremely excited and ran towards the ground floor. The two opening acts performed for 30 minutes each, and when Justin came out he made such a massive spectacle. It was hard to believe he was so close to me and that I was standing merely three rows away from him. It was amazing!

All in all, the concert was a great experience and I’ll never forget meeting all those people and seeing Justin live, since I am aware of the fact that thousands of fans weren’t able to do so.

I can’t wait for his promised second concert here and I’m hoping to get tickets so I can have a chance to hug him and take pictures with him!”

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Andrea Anderškic, Croatia: “We left our apartment at 15:30 which is in Velika Gorica (Croatia) and the road was terribly crowded. We arrived at the arena at 16:15 and realised that every moment would bring us closer and closer to seeing our biggest idol. The tickets were bought before Christmas in 2015, and we impatiently waited for November 11th to come and then it finally came. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. They let us in a few minutes past 18 o’clock and they weren’t even able to open the door with all the pushing and huddling, but around 19 o’clock we finally made our way to the ground floor, three rows away from the stage, and I couldn’t believe that there was less than an hour away from me seeing Justin. And finally at 20:13 he came up on the stage. I started crying and screaming as soon as I saw him because, in the simplest words possible, this was my dream. I still can’t believe it happened. The part I liked most was when he sang the song Purpose because it became clear to us all then that we are the purpose of his life and that without us he wouldn’t even be on the stage in front of us. I was so indescribably happy when he played the guitar and the drums, and with that he just surprised us all with his ability to light up the whole arena. From the very beginning the atmosphere was at it’s highest level and it never came down during the concert.”

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Neira Alijagic, Bosnia: “Thank you, thank you, and thank you! It was all worth it. Waiting for 6 hours, freezing in the cold weather, meeting new Beliebers who came here all the way from Israel, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Macedonia, and of course Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It wa sworth all the pushing, all the elbows I got to the ribs, the choking, the crying, everything! The stage, the efects, the dancers, the DJ, and Justin! Thank you for saying we were “one of a kind”, thank you for singing One Less Lonely Girl and That Should Be Me, thank you for answering our questions, thank you for making us forget about everything and for helping us have fun, thank you for saying you love us, thank you for making us laugh, thank you for crying with us, thank you for making an unforgettable spectacle in such a small country. I love the fact that you said that our arena was full of love. I hope you stay true to your promise and that you come to us again with the next tour.”

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Klaudija Fadljevic, Croatia: “The concert was excellent, you didn’t even have to be a fan of Justin to enjoy it, simply because of the performance he makes. Justin was in a good mood, the atmosphere was phenomenal, and each song was sang in a unique way. My favourite part though was the acoustic bit when you could hear the whole crowd singing along to Justin.

It’s definitely a night that I’ll remember for a long time”

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Tijana, Macedonia: “It was my first time seeing Justin Bieber live. After supporting someone for seven years you are so used to this person being around in your everyday life, that you don’t actually realise you will see them perform live. Justin knows his way on the stage. The whole show was a true spectacle. The songs sound more intense live, and I loved the little throwbacks we had. You see this person you grew up with, only a few meters away from you, doing what they love. That is really powerful.You really get all your teenage dreams brought to reality in just a few hours. Such a moving experience. I’m already planning the trip for the next show!”

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Laura Vorcinger, Croatia: “It was extraordinary! The atmosphere was excellent, everyone was dancing and singing the whole night long. There were also tears… of joy, of course. When I first saw him live and heard his voice- that moment will be engraved in my memory forever. It’s just one of those things that you never forget. I can’t say for certain which moment I would label as my favourite since the whole concert was a dream come true, but if I had to choose  I’d pick the part when he sang That Should Be Me and One Less Lonely Girl. It was a throwback that the fandom needed. I really can’t get enough of it.

I hope he’ll come back soon because this was one of the best nights of my life!”

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Ilda, Croatia: “Okay so… I’m still completely packed with impressions from the concert, it still seems so unreal to me. Honestly I just cried during the whole concert.

I couldn’t even imagine that the dream I’ve been having for six years was about to come true.

I came to the arena a day before the concert, so I spent the night there, but of course I wasn’t the only one. It wasn’t a difficult night, it was one of the best nights of my life. I spent the night with my second family, we sang, laughed, and even cried. One thing that fascinated me was the one girl who came in a wedding dress. I love every song that Justin sings, but the song that I liked most during the concert was One Less Lonely Girl, which he sang without instruments, just by his own majestic voice. Then there was the song I’ll Show You from his Purpose album. I cried when he talked about how everyone has a purpose, when he told us to relax, that he loves us and that he’ll come back again.

But to see Justin Bieber…. Even though I didn’t get the chance to hug him and to tell him how much I love him, I’m grateful to God for every second I’ve spent in his vicinity.

My biggest wish came true… and I have nobody to thank but my mom who gives it her all just to make my wishes come true, just like this one.”

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Barbara, Croatia: “As soon as I walked into the arena, I couldn’t believe the beautiful sight in front of me- a whole arena filled with Beliebers. The opening act aka The Knocks [and MicLowry] were amazing and they really prepared us for Justin.

When they finished, everyone started cheering for Justin and when the lights went off we all screamed. I got goosebumps all over because I knew he was coming. I will never forget that moment.

The whole concert was perfect but the acoustic versions of Cold Water and Love Yourself were simply wonderful because the whole crowd sang along, and we were in a way united. I was just so happy the entire time and I felt this unbelievable love between everyone, so Justin was completely right when he called the place a “house of love”

I’m so proud of him because I was watching him the whole time, during his previous concerts and our concert. I can see his passion while he sings and leaves his heart right there on that stage.

In short, that day was beautiful and I’ll never forget it since Justin pretty much marked my childhood. Both Justin and the concert mean the world to me and I am forever grateful for everything.”

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Nikolina, Croatia: “I had a wonderful time at the concert, this was my second time seeing him live and I’m just as impressed as I was the first time. The best part of the concert was when he sang That Should Be Me since it’s one of his old songs, and one of my favourites.”

Nikolina also shared a truly awesome act of kindness from a complete stranger.

“I experienced something amazing: when we were walking into the arena, the people there were squishing me so hard I thought I was going to run out of air… and then I started crying because I was scared… and one guy noticed that and helped get me inside. He comforted me, encouraged me, and hugged me. Unfortunately, we didn’t exchange contact. All I know is that his name is Hristijan, he’s sixteen years old and from Macedonia. I’d love to at least find his Facebook so I could thank him one more time.”

Hristijan sounds like an amazing person, and Nikolina asked us to share her story so she could try to find him and thank him one more time. If you know a Hristijan from Macedonia that has attended Justin Bieber’s Purpose concert in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 9th, please let Nikolina know via her Twitter account.


So that’s what it’s like when your dream comes true. These girls memorised and shared every detail of the fantastic adventure that they’ve lived through. Every single one of these fans, and about 18.000 more, got to see their idol live for the first time ever in Croatia, and they’re hanging on to his words that he’ll come back to the “house of love”, as he put it.


Do you have a story from the Croatian concert to share? Or do you just wanna fangirl about Justin? Either way, you’re free to do that over at CelebMixJB and/or CelebMix!

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