Fans Share Their Favorite Memories To Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert

Fans Share Their Favorite Memories To Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert

January 20, 2009 was the day that many people (now known as Glamberts) discovered someone who they can now call their idol, Adam Lambert. That day was the day Adam’s American Idol audition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” aired on television.

Now eight years later, fans all over the world are celebrating what they’d like to call an “Adam-versary!” Glamberts have already started to celebrate on Adam’s official website,, by sharing their memories and favorite videos in honor of #8YearsOfAdamLambert.

CelebMix took the time to speak to some Adam Lambert fans from around the world to find out how they discovered Adam, and what their favorite memory of him over the years is. Below is what they had to say. (Any photo shared belongs to the name above it.)

Elliott Mitchel | 29 | Indiana – “I discovered Adam on American Idol. I loved how he took “Bohemian Rhapsody” and made it his own while still clearly showing respect to the original. Every week I tuned in to see what he was going to do. I was hooked on him since the beginning.”

“When he came out it gave me hope because I struggled with facing my own sexuality. I am proud to be a fan of his and always will be. I think my favorite memory of him was finally getting to meet him last year to tell him how much he means to me.

Fans Share Their Favorite Memories To Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert

Anita Careem | 49 | United Kingdom – “I got into Adam quite late, through a Tweet from Darren Hayes. I was floored by his voice and stage presence. He came into my life as I was losing my cousin to cancer, He is a complete inspiration to me. His music is healing, He is true to himself, and always gives 100 percent.”

“I am sure he is my guardian angel was watching over me. I had no clue Queen and Adam Lambert would be touring the UK nearly two years ago to this day. I was flat broke. I had a tax rebate I didn’t know I was surprised. Two days later they announce the UK leg of the tour. Then I didn’t think the check would be cleared. It cleared early I got my ticket. I waited14 hours to get in the front row.”

“My dream came true last year when I met Adam at the meet and greet in Manchester. What a kind and gentle person he is. He makes me so happy, he’s beautiful soul inside out. He lights up every arena he performs in. Within a month of meeting my idol, I had followed my dream and was preparing to move to Brighton, my transfer at work had been approved, my life was changing forever.”

Fans Share Their Favorite Memories To Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert

Dorottya | 23 | Hungary – “As I live in the heart of Europe and never really followed talent shows abroad, I discovered Adam a little bit later, when radio stations and music channels played his first hit songs a lot here. It happened somewhere in the spring of 2010 and I’ve been a Glambert ever since then. Pretty much all of my favorite moments from the past seven years are Adam related.”

“I cannot just pick one. What I love the most about this guy is not really a memory but more of a general thing. It’s the way he teaches you that it’s okay to be a weirdo, a dreamer or whatever and you shouldn’t change just because others would expect you to do so. The constant inspiration that he’s giving through his art and personality. And of course the way he encourages you to accept and love yourself.”

Carter | Ontario, Canada  – “This is my favorite Adam-versary. I was introduced to Adam on January 20th, 2009, the date his audition aired on TV.  I’m forever grateful to American idol for introducing us to Adam and for their continued support of Adam in the years to follow. Becoming a Glambert is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Love you Adam! Thank you for an amazing eight years. We know there is a lot more in store for us. You’re the best.”

Saif khaled | 22 | Cairo, Egypt – “I discovered Adam in 2010 on TV with his music video for “Whataya Want From Me.” I felt in love with him May 25th 2011 when I watched his music video “Time For Miracles,” that’s when I became one of his biggest fans.”

“My favorite moment of Adam is when he said he’ll be on MTV EMA’s but he didn’t give us a details of what he was going to perform. I was wondering where his name was on the schedule and then he surprised us by performing with Queen in the last performance with unforgettable 3 songs, “The Show Must Go On”,”We WIll Rock you”, and “We Are The Champions,” with unbelievable vocal skills. At this moment I felt so proud of Adam. I want to thank him for that moment and many more I won’t forget as long as i am alive.”

Lana | 41 | New Jersey – “Adam Lambert’s audition on American Idol is when I first discovered who he was. That was the moment that he became my favorite singer of all time. I voted for him every single week and even though he didn’t win in my eyes he did win. Now it’s been eight years since that audition. I’ve been on this journey and have seen him do so much and he is still my favorite.”

“He is not only the most talented singer in the world with incredible music, but also a great person. It’s hard to choose a favorite moment with Adam because there’s been so many but I would have to say it’s the moment that I first met him. That’s when I truly saw that he is such a great person just as I always thought he was. Sometimes you meet a celebrity that you are a fan of and it doesn’t turn out the way you think it would because they are not the nice person they seem to be on TV, but with Adam he definitely is just as nice as you always see him on TV or at a concert.”

“He pays attention to everything you say to him and makes you feel important. I’ve met many celebrities and some of them seem to not care to make a great impression. I’ve met Adam four times and he never disappoints. I look forward to many more exciting things to come. I don’t know where to celebrate but I can celebrate by watching all Adam performances that I love and concerts I saw him at.”

Eva Nowakowski | 48 | Argentina – “I discovered Adam on American Idol a few weeks after January 20th because here in Argentina, I don’t see it live. It was love at first sight. I couldn´t believe what I was listening to. It was the definition of perfection and beauty. Adam touched my life and provoked in me very good things. Thanks to him I have met wonderful people from all over the world.”

“When Freddie left Queen I thought the band was already history. I felt I was orphaned because nobody came to my heart and exploded my head like him. But when I heard Adam, I knew that there was hope that the show would continue. There is not a day in my life without listening to Adam, whether as a soloist or with Queen, Adam and his message of integration and personal acceptance entered my mind and my heart and made me a better person.”

“I am deeply grateful to Adam because in difficult moments of my life he has always been there. I saw Adam live on September 27, 2015 in Cordoba Argentina with Queen, and that was one of the best days of my life.”

Robin Dutcher | 63 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida – “I first saw Adam on The Ellen DeGeneres show when he sang “Whataya Want From Me” and I fell in love with him. All my memories are great. I have seen him 13 times in concert and still counting and met him once. I was star struck!”

Ralu | 25 | Romania – “I discovered Adam in 2010 through my sister, who was only 9 years old back then and now she’s a pretty young lady, and still a Glambert! She was so into Adam and kept telling me, “You should watch him!” I’m glad I did. I remember watching his performance of “Feeling Good” on American Idol on Christmas Day with a group of local artists, good friends of mine. That was the moment that captured my (and their) whole attention. I was totally shocked. How could a human voice touch those high notes?”

“Year by year I was more and more convinced that he is the artist I most believe in, support, admire and respect. He is one in a billion. I’m so proud to see him growing both as an artist and person. He’s truly an inspiration to me. Words can’t describe how much I love him and I can’t thank him enough for being who he truly is and for sharing with all of us the wonderful gifts he has. My favourite memory of him would be the first time I saw him live. It happened almost two years ago on February 1st, 2015. A day I will never ever forget.”

“It was the Queen and Adam Lambert show in Vienna, Austria. The day I first saw his beauty and first heard his angelical voice live, from the front row. Also, we shook hands on “Radio Gaga” that night and had many eye-contacts. Simply magical! I wish I could have days like that every single day. That was the moment I realized that he can’t be real or human because how could a person be that beautiful inside and out, have that voice, and be the most adorable man in the world? Below is my favourite moment of that night. Adam, is you get to read this, please know that you are a gift from God and that I feel honored and blessed for being your supporter.”

“His voice was the main reason why I instantly became a fan. Also, little by little I started to see in Adam not only an outta-this-world singer, but also a wonderful human being, with a huge heart and great spirit. His self-confidence was and still is very inspiring. It was impossible not to get immediately involved and interested in him.”

Gea Maris | 15 | Estonia – “I discovered Adam Lambert in the summer of 2013. My favorite memory of him is when he came to Estonia on April 20, 2016 on The Original High Tour. I also loved when he was in Estonia with Queen June 5, 2016.”

Vittoria | 24 | Italy – “I’m a very obsessed Glambert! I discovered Adam the same day I saw him in concert with Queen in 2015.  I really didn’t know that night changed my life for the better. I started searching for his music and soon enough his voice always helped me every moment.”

“For sure my favourite memory was when he read my sign during the concert in Milan ion May 4th. I was so happy that night, I really wanted him to know he’s my original high (this was the message I wrote for him) and that I’ll always be grateful for all the beautiful memories and all the amazing friends I met because of him. That’s why I also gave him some of my drawings I did of him. What I love about him is that he always remind us to love ourselves no matter what and to never get stuck in categories that in the end divide us from each other. I will always follow him and I hope I can meet him one day.”

Tiffany Aguilera | 21 | New York – “ Watching American Idol every year use to be a “family tradition” in my family. My mom, dad, and I would always sit on the couches in our living room and watch American Idol every year the whole season through. Every season, as a kid, I would always find that “one contestant” I would follow the whole season; vote/call, brag about, etc. But always, by the end of the season, I would kind of move on from them. But that wasn’t the case with Season 8 of American Idol when I discovered Adam Lambert on January 20th 2009.””I remember sitting in my living room with my parents watching Idol. I remember 13-year old me being very impatient and practically bored out of my mind watching the so-far auditions of Season 8. I kept complaining how “no ones good” and that “I don’t like anyone.” So I began to pout, when suddenly I heard Ryan Seacrest say, “Is Adam Lambert up and coming?” and I glanced up at the screen and saw a young adult Adam (adorably) grinning.”

“I quickly perked up and became intrigued and said “ooooh he’s cute”. Yes I will admit at first I was simply caught on by his looks, but I wasn’t really hooked yet just based on that. It wasn’t until I heard him sing; Super cute (hot) and he’s got an amazing god gifted voice too = now I’m definitely hooked. And ever since then I’ve remained hooked. I have continued to immensely support him through all these past years to now. And my favorite memory about Adam over all these years is that he has continued to stay him.”

“Although yes there’s been changes, he still is the same Adam I fell in love with back in 2009. He’s true to himself. I am also very grateful for getting the chance to go to many concerts over the years which has allowed me to see him live, meet and make friends with others, and has even allowed me to meet his adorable self a few times as well (he’s an angel.) Overall, without all these memories I have formed because of discovering Adam, I believe I would feel incomplete. So thank you Adam, thank you American Idol, and thank you to me for being in the place and time I was in to be able to witness/discover Adam Lambert on January 20th 2009.”

Fatime | 20 | Iran – “I discovered Adam by one of my friends she showed me his Glam Nation tour, the part he was performing “Fever” in London. He just mesmerized me by his charm, and since 2011 I’ve been following him. Because of Adam I learned a lot of things. I discovered that I can draw, my English progressed a lot, I found a lot dear social friends, and his character and way of thinking made me to over come a lot of my problems. So every step knowing Adam was a memory for me!”

Sarah | 19 | Turin, Italy  – “I’m your Italian Glambert since February 2011, when I was reading a newspaper I noticed a picture with news about Adam’s new album entitled For Your Entertainment. That day I was impressed by his look and his eyes!  The same day I searched for your videos on you tube and I never thought something like that could ever happened to me. I knew he had something different, he was special to my eyes.”

“Now after six years, I can only confirm my first impression about Adam. He’s an amazing singer and his voice always gives me chills. With his voice and songs, he helped me to be happy in the hardest moments of my life. He gave me the strength to go on and to dream on. He’s my idol, I never thought I would have one. He’s been so important to me during my long periods in the hospital or simply when everything seemed so hard.”

“Adam is a great example for me and many other fans that feels insecure of themselves and can’t accept their body like me. With his music, he helped me understand that diversity isn’t always a boundary, but a quality that makes us special. Finally on May 4, 2016, my dream came true after all these years. It was unforgettable to hear Adam’s voice live. It was amazing meeting him and speaking to him. It was an experience that will be stuck in my heart forever.”

“Because of Adam I met beautiful people, I joined the “Glamily,” and met my best friend. Adam deserves everything beautiful in life after all these years of hard work and amazing talent. I wanna thank Adam for being the amazing and inspiring person he is. Thanks to Adan so many things I never thought possible now are real! Thank you Adam, I love you.”

Fans Share Their Favorite Memories To Celebrate 8 Years of Adam Lambert


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