Farrah 5th to be evicted from the CBB house

The reality star was voted out by her fellow housemate Austin Armacost in tonight’s eviction show that seen host Emma Willis enter the house.

Emma started the interview by asking her when the four housemates with the most votes had to save the rest of the housemates did she think she would leave, the reality star answered: ”I really thought there was a possibility just because of getting to know the other housemates. I really felt like they really wanted me outta there at certain times”.

Farrah said in her interview that it’s ”really hard” for a real person to win Celebrity Big Brother. Emma quizzed her on what she said and Farrah replied with, ”Consistently dealing with Janice’s ‘I think you’re wonderful’ and then she’s ‘thank God when I’m gone, it’s just fake bullsh*t”.

Emma asked Farrah why she’s so confrontational in her interview: ”Why are you so confrontational? Because at times Farrah, you were confrontational when you didn’t need to be.”

”Really? Show me when there was no need to be and you were living in there” she answered.

When asked did she think she ever took it too far she said: ”No because violence is taking it too far, I don’t think I ever hit someone”

Written by CelebMix