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Faul & Wad Ad Debut New Remixes To Hit Song “I Need You”

We at CelebMix never say “no” to a nice, uplifting song that distracts us from the rainy weather. Trust us. There is nothing that we adore more than dancing around our rooms, speakers on maximum volume, with not a care in the world. So when we first heard the remix to Faul & Wad Ad’s latest track in our Release Radar today, we could not contain our excitement. And when we saw that there is not only one remix but three, well, let us tell you that we were in musical heaven.

The French DJs have first managed to catch the public eye with their 2013 smash hit “Changes”. The chill tropical-house song kickstarted their career and catapulted them to the top of the charts.

150 million streams on Spotify and multiple certifications later, the duo decided it was just the right time to release some new music. In collaboration with Avalanche City, they released their latest track “I Need You” in 2017. Luckily for all of us, the two DJs have not reconsidered their musical style and kept the chill house vibes going strong. The added violins for the drop made this track a happy-go-luck-bonanza for all of us.

While the original is the perfect soundtrack for a beach party in the summer or for simply enjoying a nice day off, the today-released remixes turn up the heat even more. First up, is the David Puentez & MTS Remix. Puentez, who recently remixed hits by Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Galantis as well as by Tiesto, decides to keep the main structure of the song intact. The remix starts off stripped of all the beats but then slowly builds itself up as more and more elements are being added. The chorus is a dancefloor-ready festival of emotions as the violins enter the scene with added underlining house beats.

Another favorite of ours is the KLYMVX remix. Why, you ask? Well simply because it turns the already great song into something even greater. We are always pleasantly surprised when a DJ manages to lift a song into another dimension and this one is an outstanding example. The remix starts off by interpolating and chopping up the vocals from the chorus with some happy house beats. The verses itself build up musically, starting with snaps in the background. Our personal highlight is the chorus, which shines brightly. Chopped-up vocals, a catchy house beat, the already enjoyable violins, and a nice drop: it all fits just perfectly and really gets us in the mood to “shake it off”.

Listen to the remixes for yourself if you want to. We included the links for you down below:


Faul & Wad Ad’s remix package to “I Need You” is now available for streaming and purchasing on the digital retailer of your choice.

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