DISCOVER: Felix Jaehn’s Single & Music Video For “Like A Riddle” Featuring Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger

This is the brand new single from Felix Jaehn. “Like A Riddle” has been dropped at the same time as he announces his debut studio album, titled “I”. This track features Swedish duo Hearts & Colors as well as French producer Adam Trigger.

Felix Jaehn went viral all around the world with his debut single. Featuring vocalist Jasmine Thompson, his version of “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)” became an international anthem. Not only that but the year before he remixed Omi’s “Cheerleader”, boosting the song into the global hit we know today. Since then he has used his success to collaborate with a wide range of different artists from high-calibre DJs and singers such as Lost Frequencies, Steve Aoki, and Adam Lambert, to rising talents such as Alex Aiono and Hearts & Colors.

As for this exact collaboration, he came across Hearts & Colors when the duo hit it big in Scandinavia with their song “Lighthouse”. They consist of Philip Tillström and Nicolai Kjellberg. He invited them to Berlin to record this track in his studio. It is a sure-fire collaboration, one we can’t stop listening to.

Watch Felix Jaehn’s Music Video For “Like A Riddle” Featuring Hearts & Colors & Adam Trigger Here:

The music video has been directed by Toyah Dibel & Niels Münter; it stars dancers, Jemima Rose Dean and Valentin Braun. The visual takes place in an American diner, where the two dancers are not enjoying their meal together in a booth.

They dance out their feelings whilst Felix Jaehn, Hearts & Colors, and Adam Trigger, all appearing on the screens above; at times the screens totally interact with the dancers, most memorably when the dancers get into a fight and Felix Jaehn is splashed with a milkshake. The ending sees the couple walk out of the diner, all made up and in each other’s arms, just as Felix Jaehn walks in.

The song is beyond catchy and the music video really reflects the track. The dancers nail the contemporary choreography, easily translating the riddling lyrics into this amazing concept. It truly is unforgettable.

Announcement of Felix Jaehn’s Debut Album “I”

We’re so excited about this album. It’s available to pre-order right now and is set to be released on 16 February 2018. It will contain 25 tracks including his hits, Omi’s “Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)” and “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”.

Of the album, he said: “My debut album is nearly here! After having two worldwide hits that I produced in my bedroom studio, my life changed quickly! I have experienced the craziest things and been inspired by cultures all around the world! Over the past few years, I’ve released a lot of singles and collaborations that I am very proud of, but it’s time to take the next step and finally release ‘I’ – an album that I have been working on for years to get right! An album that will show you even more of both my music and myself.” ‘I’ will be available on FEB 16th and it’s available to pre-order now.”

We’re all very excited for February, we’re sure it will be an album that we all need in our lives. You might catch some of his exclusive tracks, as well as this brilliant new single on one of his upcoming tour dates.

Felix Jaehn Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • 14 October – Eclipse – Paris, France
  • 23 October – AMG Night – Austin, TX
  • 25 October – Flash – Washington DC, USA
  • 28 October – HRoof – Cancun, Mexico
  • 25 November – Obertauern Beats – Salzburg, Austria
  • 30 November – Electroshock – Paris, France

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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