Ferera Swan Releases Her Infectious Debut Single “Second Time”

We have a brand new artist on the scene that you are going to want to listen to. Ferera Swan’s debut single “Second Time” will have you hooked on her voice and lyrics as she makes her mark in the music industry.

Ferera Swan is a brand new project for this artist, having previously released two albums under a different name. Music has been a big part of her life beginning piano lessons at just three years old. She’s gone on to create enormous waves in the music industry from her song “Lighthouse” becoming the soundtrack to the film Swim For The Reef to being a Grammy voting member of The Recording Academy. This debut single showcases a brand new side to her, hence the new name Ferera Swan; the song itself acts as the first single from her debut EP which is expected to be released later this year. We’re excited at the prospect of more new music that is similar to this brilliant and emotional single “Second Time”.

This brand new song, “Second Time”, has been written by Ferera Swan, according to Spotify, and was written for her birth mother after their reunion, where they experienced the loss of one another all over again.

Listen to Ferera Swan’s Debut Single “Second Time” Here:

This is a raw sound and full of emotion. Ferera Swan’s vocals are on point as she tells this heartening story that really pulls at our heartstrings. Her vocal range is incredible as she plunges into the chorus, with each word hitting us hard. This is art in the purest of forms giving us goosebumps and chills. Ferera Swan is an outstanding singer and “Second Time” is going to become a treasured anthem amongst many which will relate to everyone who hears it.

The ending shocks the listener as we hear Ferera Swan stop singing and state: “There was always talk of wanting answers, and I never even really knew what that meant / But if there was anything I was looking for or needed to know, it was that… I was never truly forgotten.” Wow, what an ending – powerful, endearing, and earth-shattering. This is a story that will bring a tear to your eye.

“Second Time” is available to download and stream right now, and is the first single from her upcoming debut EP which will be released later this year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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