Fergie Continues To Drop Double Dutchess Visuals With “Love Is Pain”

Today has seen Fergie drop the final two music videos to her Double Dutchess album. “Love Is Pain” is the final track on the album. The video is the last one on the Visual Experience video that can be found on the deluxe version.

This has a rock vibe going on, yet the visual is totally different to that of what you expect. It was directed by Nina McNeely and co-stars Denna Thomsen. The visual is awesome and what a way to end the visual experience.

Watch Fergie’s “Love Is Pain” Visual Here:

This is a pure representation of the song. Denna Thomsen easily portrays amazing choreography that interprets the song in every way. Fergie presents herself staring into the camera, amongst other visuals. It’s extreme art which totally works.

This visual is a nice way to end, it feels like this brilliant female artist is tempting you to click the replay button so that you can watch all 13 music videos all over again. It sure is intense and it’ll be a visual which some will like and others won’t.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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