Fergie Releases Hilarious Final Visual For “Love Is Blind” From Double Dutchess

All of them are out now; all 13 music videos for each of her tracks on Double Dutchess. Fergie has done something incredible. She has added a visual to each of her tracks on her second studio album. Creating something special and something unique. The “Love Is Blind” music video is completely hilarious in every way.

This music video had us in stitches. It is totally unexpected, just like the song, which has an air of reggae about it. Can this album get any more diverse? At least it shows off Fergie’s capabilities of being a true artist; and, we love the many different genres found in this album.

Watch Fergie’s Music Video For “Love Is Blind” Here:

Fergie has been transformed into a Barbie Doll, in this stop-motion animated video. She’s quite the violent girlfriend and if you cross the line with her, that’s it, you’re dead; well that, and you’re turned into a piece of furniture.

Her first boyfriend wrongs her by talking to the two female women from next door. So, Fergie doll turns him into a sun umbrella, whilst murdering the women next door with hedge cutters – since they threw their cigarette into her pool.

Then the second boyfriend was late for the meal that she had arranged. He also had a kiss mark on his neck; he clearly has been cheating. So, instead of chopping up the meat, she throws the cleaver at his head. She later turns him into a flower pot.

In the following visual, Fergie doll gets home with two full grocery bags. A new guy is stuffing his face and lying on the couch, being very lazy. Compared with a photo of Fergie and this guy, he has changed very much. So, she stabs him with a bottle and turns him into a coat hanger.

Next up, a police officer discovers her murderous streak and comes in, to arrest her; yet, he couldn’t resist her charm and beauty. It’s love at first sight, and she can be seen wearing his hat and playing with his gun. It makes us wonder what she’ll do to him.

The final scene sees her floating on her flamingo float in the pool, being pushed by two guys on either side. Now, wouldn’t that be the life? It is violent but in such a comical way. This would be shocking if it were real-life; instead, it’s hilarious because it’s dolls and totally not real. It’s completely unexpected but relatable to the song. We just love this in every way!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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