Fergie Releases Visual For “A Little Work”

She promised a visual experience album, and that is exactly what Fergie has gifted us all, with Double Dutchess. Every single track has a music video, almost all have been dropped onto her YouTube Channel. Yesterday saw her drop one of our favourite visuals, “A Little Work”.

Combined, all 13 music videos make up the Visual Experience video that can be found on the deluxe version of the album. So far, including this one, 11 videos have been released. We’re still waiting on “Love Is Blind” and “Love Is Pain”.

This track and visual is the centrepiece from Double Dutchess. It’s highly personal with Fergie explaining why it took so long to release her second studio album; as well as what she’s been going through the last few years. It is an epic visual presented by Serial Pictures and directed by Jonas Åkerlund.

Watch Fergie’s Music Video For “A Little Work” Here:

This visual has connected with so many people, not just her fans but viewers from all over the world. Fergie truly strips everything back and gives us something completely personal. She starts the video off with a speech that introduces the track; it becomes the central focus of the visual and is segmented throughout; turning this into a film-like documentary, that we can’t get enough of.

She says: “I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere. Devil faces. Creatures that would appear to me would say ‘fly fly fly’ and not even maybe saying it but just looking at me and flying around. I would constantly be in the state of listening to the messages that all these characters and these demons or creatures… what… what they were going to tell me. What their messages were, and what I should do. And life became, almost like this, this whole game.”

She goes on to say: “I was just going to lose it. I was about to start screaming at everybody on the street, I ended up on Wiltshire, and I saw this church. And I was, you know, there was nobody in there. I started going through the different aisles and started to pray. I saw the altar, and I panicked. I… I… I thought this is it, they’re… they’re all out there. That’s it, this is it, this is the moment.”

The visual hints at mental illness and the dark path she was going down. It’s an inspiring song and visual, with Fergie really putting her heart on a plate to let everyone in. It’s beyond incredible.

She breaks the song up after the first chorus by even more emotional words. She says: “I… I… I have journals of it all; and, I remember writing to myself throughout, you know, the periods of my life. That’s how I can divulge my true feelings because it’s been difficult to trust for me, in my life. So, the paper is always where I could emotionally get to those… those… those crevices… those… those little corners of feelings.”

She continues with: “I’m so glad I did it because at least I was checking in with myself; at least I knew that I was becoming a fuck-up.”

This is not just some simple music video or visual. It’s more of a documentary on why Fergie took 11 years to release her second studio album. It really enlightens anyone who complained about waiting.

She continues on with her speech: “I had to really work hard at telling the spirits, the visions, to go away. I had to say it out loud: ‘Leave me alone, I choose the good’. It was just this epiphany that I had, in the… in the war; that I believe in the holy war. The war between good against evil. That… that good will always be more powerful.”

This is when we start seeing visuals of a war battlefield. At some point, a soldier comes up to the bed with her maiden name. We then realise that it is her grandfather, and we watch her at a funeral for him.

Her monologue resumes: “My Grandfather. I always thought he was my guardian angel… my… my Grandpa Gore, on my mom’s side. And, so, I thought he was leading me, telling me where to go, in the good direction. You’ve got to honour that part of yourself, and… let yourself fly. Let yourself soar. And that’s really taking a step and getting there, are the steps. And that battle, that fight in your mind. It’s all here, and it’s all internal, and it’s making those little, those choices that are there, the hardest choices to make because they’re not comfortable, they don’t feel good all the time. Making those choices because they’re the right ones to make. I just thought that was so cool that message I was getting from him.”

She follows through this almost-documentary with: “I was living in an alternate parallel universe to what was really going on in the world. I kept feeling like this weird kinetic energy through my body. Feel around me, all-encompassing. It was like this crazy laser camera that was following me. They’re all watching. Everybody’s watching. They’re all going to get me. The SWAT team, everything. This was real fear. Serious. Fear.”

The ending of her speech in this visual proves that there is light at the end. She says: “That walk, out of there. All of that, that demon that was there. It all of a sudden felt like, it just lifted. And, it was almost like, walking into the light. I’ve realised that I’ve finally needed to honour myself. And that er… is really… is still… a challenging, erm… place that I… that I often have to work on to this day. But, when I honour my true self and I honour that part of me that is that magic; that’s when I am at that place that I can call happy. I can feed that love outward, not only to friends and to my parents and to my sister; and now to my husband and to my little boy.”

The final word scrawled in bright multicolours is “Revelation”. It really is a beautiful visual and it’s nice to see that Fergie has unleashed this powerful video that is beyond anything we could’ve imagined from her. This is really shows her off as a talented artist, and certainly reminds us of Kesha’s “Praying”.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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