Fergie Drops New Music Video For “You Already Know” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Let’s be honest, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for Fergie to drop her second album Double Duchess but it’s finally on its way. In extra promotion of the new album, Fergie dropped the music video to her collaboration with Nicki Minaj. The visual for “You Already Know” is here, and it’s everything we ever wanted and more.

Another music video shot displayed in black and white which is much like previous promotional music video “Hungry” that featured Rick Ross. Both songs were dropped three weeks ago and we’ve all been expecting this music video.

Watch Fergie & Nicki Minaj In The Music Video For “You Already Know” Here:

Various themes are portrayed in the visual. We see Fergie competing against herself in a game of chess and table tennis. She expanded on this in an article with Entertainment Weekly: “I’m all about women not being pitted against each other. I’m about, ‘Let’s stand strong.’”

The opening scene sees Fergie in a suit as she navigates a pole construction, that reminds us of something we drew as a child, next to a stick man. Mirrored imagery and reflection are also used, as well as flashing images that make it difficult to keep up with.

Keeping with the drawing theme, Nicki Minaj comes in looking classy – grabbing the spotlight like she did in Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” music video – surrounded by wooden panels the almost look like she’s inside a three-dimensional drawn diamond. This video sure is messing with our heads but in a good way.

Fergie is officially back and we cannot wait for the album and her “bag full of tricksies” as she puts it in this song. This was certainly a team up we’ve been needing in our lives. Double Duchess is bound to be an album we won’t be able to stop playing; we’re totally ready!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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