Ferne McCann shuts down body shamers on Instagram

Essex beauty Ferne McCann is well and truly living the dream right now. With her TV presenting, food and fashion blogging and travelling, she’s doing what many would love to be doing, however, since first appearing in hit show, TOWIE, she’s been in the press pretty much every day and that doesn’t seem to be dying down.

It’s expected that Ferne will receive media attention, she’s your girl next door who brands all want to work with, but being papped on your hols can also result in some pretty nasty online trolling.

Photos of Ferne were recently published of her enjoying a sunny getaway with her boyfriend. We think she looked nothing less than beautiful although some people chose to voice their negative opinions on her figure and stooped to the lowest level of all – body shaming.

It always less than pleasant to read body shaming comments online, whether they be about you personally or someone else, it’s something which should not be tolerated, should be controlled more and which simply should not happen. Ferne, however, after growing a thick skin after spending years in the limelight, shut down her critics in the best way possible via Instagram.

She shared a gorgeous snap wearing the collect sequin jacket we have ever seen and included the following in the caption: “I hear you body shamers today on the DM & quite frankly I couldn’t give two s***s…you have the wrong perception of real women. #bye” YAS FERNE!!

Our Ferne didn’t feel the need to write a novel about how she doesn’t agree with body shaming, she didn’t make a YouTube video or do TV interviews to silence her haters, she simply used a matter of words to prove that she is more than over their negativity. No one feels confident every hour of every day, however, it’s great to see someone like Ferne use her position to promote body positivity and acceptance and to inspire other women to feel good about themselves, whilst ignoring those who hate on you.

Ferne has spoken out previously regarding body shaming on This Morning. She said: “This is something I feel passionately about. I think it should be illegal, body shaming. They are sitting behind their keyboards. They don’t know… celebrity or not, what that person is feeling. I always say that I’m not going to let the comments get to me, but they do. It hurts. There is a lot of pressure to look good.

“We need to embrace being positive and be confident within our bodies. Obviously health is important. I’m 25 and I’m already feeling the pressure and it’s not right. We need to think about our children and our children’s children.”

We reckon it’s amazing how much Ferne has grown in confidence and learnt to love her body. Don’t you? Can we make a petition to have more people like her on social media please? Keep doing you Ferne, you’re fabulous.

Ferne’s beauty products, ‘Ferne Beauty’ are currently available online at Superdrug and fernebeauty.com.

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Written by CelebMix