Fickle Friends Release Debut Album, ‘You Are Someone Else’

Artwork of Fickle Friends debut album, 'You Are Someone Else'

Fickle Friends have released their highly anticipated debut album, ‘You Are Someone Else’!

It comes with great pleasure that we can finally say the British Indie-pop group Fickle Friends have released their debut album, ‘You Are Someone Else’  into the music realm. The debut album follows a two year string of singles from ‘Swim’’ to ‘Wake Me Up’, in addition to Fickle Friends’ 2017 ‘Glue’ EP.

The Indie-pop group consists of Natassja Shiner (lead vocalist), Harry Herrington (bass player, backing vocals), Chris Hall (lead guitar), Sam Morris (drums) and Jack Wilson (keyboards) who were formed at BIMM Brighton in 2013.

Since their formation, Fickle Friends have constantly released material, toured throughout UK and Europe, and performed at high-profile music festivals. This was all before they even scored a record deal; they did it all themselves.

In 2016, Fickle Friends signed to Polydor UK and started working on their debut album. The Indie-pop group recorded the album mostly in Los Angeles with producer Mike Crossey. However, other credits on the debut album include the likes of Charlie Hugall, Jonathon Gilmore, Mark Ralph and Mike Spencer.

One of Fickle Friends’ most notable singles is 2016’s ‘Brooklyn’, which received moderate airplay from UK radio stations and was also used in various TV episodes/promos. The debut album’s title, ‘You Are Someone Else’ is taken from a lyric in the single too.

In early 2017, ‘Hello Hello’ was the next single to follow along with the release of Fickle Friends’ second EP, ‘Glue’ later that year. It was around the release of the EP when fans started to speculate if a debut album would ever see the light of day, however, those speculations were soon put to bed. With a swift new release in October 2017 with the album’s lead single, ‘Hard To Be Myself’ – fans could see a debut album on the horizon!

November 2017 soon came around and so did an announcement of the debut album, however, this wasn’t your typical album announcement. Upon announcing ‘You Are Someone Else’, Fickle Friends also announced a February/March 2018 UK tour to co-inside with the debut album’s release.

As a special thank you to patient fans, Fickle Friends also gave the opportunity to anyone who pre-ordered a copy of their debut album before 11:59PM on November 22nd 2017 to be included in the Thank You notes on every CD version of the album.

Ahead of its the release, Fickle Friends also announced a limited-edition pink vinyl of ‘You Are Someone Else’ along with a signed post card in every pressing and an exclusive polaroid to you. You can order a limited edition pink vinyl of the album here.

Before we knew it, it is now March 2018 and the debut album from Fickle Friends has been released. We really can’t wait to see what else Fickle Friends have in store for 2018 but we are certain this is only the beginning of a very successful musical career for the Brighton pop group.

You can listen to the debut album from Fickle Friends, ‘You Are Someone Else’ here: 

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