Fifth Harmony release new song Write On Me

As the release date of Fifth Harmony’s second studio album quickly approaches, fans are itching for new music. Earlier today, they released a new track named ‘Write On Me’.

This is the third release from their album 7/27 and is the fourth song listed on the album.

When Fifth Harmony released the track listing for their upcoming album via Instagram, Camila said that ‘Write On Me’ was her favorite song from the album lyrically. She also stated that “To me the song is an extended metaphor where you’re asking somebody to ‘write’ on you, envelop you with their words, make their mark on you like you’re a blank canvas”.

‘Write On Me’ has a different sound than normally would be expected of the girls but musically it is enjoyable to listen to. It has a very raw vocal sound, meaning there isn’t a ton of editing and production done to the vocals, which is something that you wouldn’t usually hear in music today.

When it starts you would expect it to be slow but it starts to pick up with a beat a little bit into the song. The solos are almost equally split but not quite.

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Written by CelebMix