Fifth Harmony’s Best Moments on The X Factor

2015 has been a pretty successful year for the ladies of Fifth Harmony. From having two platinum singles and one double platinum single to peforming with Taylor Swift on stage, they have also entered the VEVO Top 100 with their song ‘ Worth It’ which has over 445million views. Fellow band member, Camila Cabello also recorded a song titled ‘ I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ with Shawn Mendes.

Although it was a good year for Fifth Harmony, we are here to look back on their best moments whilst on the X Factor. Let’s take a look back on the birth of Fifth Harmony and their journey through the show!

The Moment they were formed!

The moment Fifth Harmony were formed wasn’t just the most important moment of Fifth Harmony’s career, it was also one of the most important moments for Harmonizers all around the world because it was the start of something special. It was the birth of such an amazing girl group who all Harmonizers grew to love, admire and care for.

Thanks to Simon, Demi, Britney and L.A. we were blessed with such incredible people with outstanding vocals and unique personalities. Who would have thought that three years ago that we would now be in love with such sweet, talented, hilarous, passionate and crazy people? They started out as five normal girls who all had a dream and now they are living that dream. ‘ I think I’m gonna pry!’

When they sang Impossible for the first time

When they sang Impossible at judges houses in front of Simon Cowell and Marc Anthony, it gave them a chance to show off their talents and vocals as a five piece girl group and show their commitment to being part of a group. It was also a chance for them to show that they are able to work well with only a couple of days to practice  and produce something effective with people who were basically strangers.

Every Harmonizer will agree that this was also a big moment for Fifth Harmony because it was their first ever time performing as a group and it was in front of Marc Anthony and Simon Cowell. When looking back at this it really shows you how far Fifth Harmony come and how much they have evolved. It really does bring a tear to to your eye. Not only did Fifth Harmony gain a singing career on X Factor, they also gained such amazing friendships that will last forever. Fifth Harmony really have proved that anything could happen and nothing is impossible.

When they performed with Demi Lovato

It was a great opportunity for Fifth Harmony to be able to sing with such a well known and well liked singer like Demi Lovato. They handled singing with Demi very professional and managed to keep it together. While singing with Demi, you could see how well their voices fit with the song and and how well they did performing it. This was also a start of an amazing frienship which is still alive today. Demi took Fifth Harmony on her Neon Lights tour alongside Cher Lloyd, Little Mix and Colins Key. Demi has also been the centre of a prank by Fifth Harmony where they pie her in the face.

Demi has also been in a few of Fifth Harmoy’s Takeover which shows how much they have bonded over the past few years. When looking back on the performance  you can see how much Fifth Harmony and Demi have come as friends since them. Going back to the X Factor performance, it warmed your heart to see Fifth Harmony peform with Demi because of how much they admired and looked up to her. Fifth Harmony have also proved that if you can dream it, you can do it.

When they went through to the finals

When Fifth Harmony went through to the finals a lot of people including the judges were shocked because they believed that they would be eliminated. Of course, us Harmonizers believed in our girls and had every faith that they would be in the final three. When they went through to the finals every Harmonizer around the world was jumping and screaming and let’s admit it, we cried a little or maybe a lot. This was a big jump for Fifth Harmony because in the beginning they were just kind of threw into the deep end and probably didn’t expect to come this far.

When it was announced that they were in the final three you could see how happy they were with their jumping, faces, screaming and cursing (Lauren). Nothing has changed till this day and they still get extremely happy when they win an award, especially when they won the VMA in 2014 – happy is an understatement. Not only do Fifth Harmony get excited but so do the Harmonizers because of how much time and effort we put into voting for them which Fifth Harmony also praise and thank us for.

Anything Could Happen!

Their journey through the X Factor was amazing and emotional to watch. Watching their experience in the X Factor was unforgettable and I loved every moment of it. Even though they didn’t win, they won in our hearts. I feel like Fifth Harmony are my family along with the Harmonizing fandom and I’m sure a lot of fans would agree. Thank you Fifth Harmony for everything you do for us, we love you. Fifth Harmony you are Worth It!

Written by CelebMix