Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’ hits 900 MILLION views on YouTube

We don’t think many people could argue against the fact that 2016 has well and truly been Fifth Harmony’s year. They just seem to be going from strength to strength – having released a corker of an album in the form of ‘7/27,’ they seem to have gained millions more adoring fans.

The first single from their sophomore album, titled ‘Work From Home,’ has been named by many as the song of the Summer. Despite being released in February, the world still seems to be in love with it.

The song was their highest charting single in the US and became the first top-five single in the United States by a girl group in ten years, however, they have made history yet again with the song which we like referring to as ‘the bop of the century.’ The video set hearts racing when it was dropped and people haven’t stopped watching it since its debut on 26th February. Proof that they haven’t stopped watching it can be proven by the fact that it has now surpassed 900 MILLION views on YouTube. Yep, 900 million, as in almost 1 billion. It seems that we just can’t get enough of watching our favourite five-some strut their stuff around a construction site!

The fact that the video has hit such a milestone means 5H have become the first and only group in history to have two music videos with over 900 million views. See, we told you 2016 was the year of Fifth Harmony! Their first video to reach such a high view count was, of course, ‘Worth It,’ which now has over 1 billion views, making it the 26th most viewed YouTube video of all time and the most watched YouTube video by a girl group.

We are so ready for ‘Work From Home’ to hit 1 billion views and we are sure that the Harmonizer family will have the video on repeat until it does so!

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Written by CelebMix