Film Review: Antiquities Starring Andrew J. West & Ashley Greene

Antiquities is a brand new film that is ready to be seen by you and stars the likes of Andrew J. West and Ashley Greene, amongst many others. It’s more of a chilled-out, character-driven comedy that has a real-life feel to it. The film had its world premiere on June 16 at Dances With Films festival.

The film has been directed by Daniel Campbell, while it was written by Daniel Campbell and Graham Gordy. The producers were Daniel Campbell, Graham Gordy, Jayme Lemons, Gary Newton, and Kathryn Francis Tucker. It was filmed in 2016 and solely in Arkansas.

We were lucky enough to receive a screener of this film so that we could review it for the site, and it was nice to see some familiar faces taking on main roles in this film. It has a very normal real-life spin to this, to the extent where certain viewers may relate.

We follow Walt, played by Andrew J. West (Once Upon A TimeThe Walking DeadGreek), who has found out his father has passed away, so he moves back to his hometown to learn more about who his father was; so much so, he takes on a job at the local antique mall.

At first, this just looks like a typical antique mall, but it’s more than that because from the minute Walt walks inside we realise he’s walked into quite the dysfunctional group of employees. These characters are more than just quirky, they’re annoyingly weird, making it difficult for Walt to find out more about his father.

Within this world of craziness, in steps Ellie, played by Ashley Greene (The Twilight SagaLOL, Wish I Was HereBurying The Ex), who is the most normal, down-to-earth, woman who Walt takes a loving interest in; but, with all the chaos around him from his work colleagues and from his extended family, can he juggle his life, find out more about his father, and date Ellie?

This film really has a normal-life feel to it with some idiosyncratic and very peculiar people, some are eccentric whilst others are quite bizarre to the extent where we have to really applaud the actors and actresses for really getting into character. As for our lead character, Walt, he’s just has a guy-next-door personality, he really is the nice guy we’d say hi – and just hi – to every morning. This film really managed to show off how people can be different and how we should embrace diversity within the world.

Talking about the film and the concept, Daniel Campbell said:

On January 7, 2005, at around 2:00 p.m., I got the most confusing and devastating news of my life. At 12:38 p.m. that same day, my father was killed in a car accident. I will never forget where I was, what I was wearing, and how the room spun for the first 20 minutes after hearing the news.

My dad was 52 years old. He and I were extremely close, but after he died, I found there were so many things that I didn’t know about him. Things that I never thought to ask until he was gone. And I found myself – and still do – holding on to the most random, insignificant things that remind me of him.

‘Antiquities’ is about just that. It’s about loss and the way in which we attempt to process it. It’s about the pain, confusion, denial, grief and all of those new questions that come along with them.

There will always be a passion behind whatever story I’m given the opportunity to bring to life, but there will never be a film that means more to me than this one.

And, hopefully, it’s funny. Like him.

We believe Daniel Campbell has truly made this story come to life and we would like to believe that his father would be proud of his work on Antiquities. It’s one of those films that require a certain taste and will no doubt have mixed reviews dependant on who watches it – but if there’s something specific to take from this film, it’s that the little things can make the biggest impact.

Also starring in this film is Michaela Watkins (CasualTrophy WifeThe Back-up Plan), Mary Steenburgen (Melvin and HowardRagtime, Back To The Future Part IIIParenthoodElfThe Proposal), Michael Gladis (Mad Men, Eagleheart, RecklessFeed The Beast), Troy Anthony Hogan (Friday Night Lights), Graham Gordy, Roger Scott, Melanie Haynes, Jeff Bailey, Jason Thompson, and more.

Watch The Trailer To Antiquities Here:

Antiquities had its world premiere on June 16 at Dances With Films, it is unknown when the film will be officially released. It has been produced by Mortuus Pater Pictures.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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