Film Review: Beyond The Opposite Sex

Showtime premiered this brand new documentary film “Beyond The Opposite Sex” on March 16, 2018. It is a follow-up film to 2004’s “The Opposite Sex”, which introduced Rene and Jamie who went through their long-awaited gender affirmation surgeries. This new film catches up with them 14 years later.

When we were first given the opportunity to watch this, we did wonder whether we should’ve watched the first film, which was split into two parts. However, as we sat down and started watching this new film, we realised that anything referencing to their pasts, 14 years ago, had clips to show us what went on and so we never felt like we were missing something. This was certainly a great additional feature, as we totally got to see how much these two had grown as people, and how much happier they are now.

The film was directed by Emily Abt and co-directed by Bruce Hensel. We loved how it caught up with Rene and Jamie, allowing us to see how much 14 years has changed for them individually. They’ve built up their own lives and are pursuing their passions which is heart-warming to see.

We jump into the lives of Rene and Jamie. Their lives have certainly changed as they have set up their lives for themselves. It’s amazing to see how far they have come since the first film.

Rene has built his life with a new girlfriend, who he truly loves; however, they haven’t told her family about him being born a girl, not yet anyway. We also see heart-melting scenes with his family and how they have now accepted him into their lives as a son and a brother.

As for Jamie’s life, she’s built her life with a new girlfriend. She’s focusing hard on her music career and throughout the film, we hear her sing her beautiful songs. It’s not only great to see her doing what she loves, but it’s also great to see the film support her passion and help her promote herself. We’ve got to be honest, those songs certainly got stuck in our heads throughout the rest of the film.

Watch The Trailer To “Beyond The Opposite Sex” Here:

We have to admit that we didn’t quite know what to expect when we started watching this; however, we became involved almost straight away with our own thoughts. As we watched, we just had to know what was going on in Rene and Jamie’s lives and what they were up to right now. We also liked how we heard from them, their family members, their partners, and their friends. This documentary covers it all and manages to convey emotion, understanding, and real-life. This totally deserves to be watched.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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