Film Review: The Girl On The Train

You may have heard of The Girl On The Train as the number one best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins. If you loved the book, or even if you haven’t read the book (although you really should!), The Girl On The Train is the must-see movie of the autumn! It is a thrilling film which will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first minute.

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The story follows a young woman, Rachel, who turns to alcohol to help her suffer the heartache of her divorce. On her journey to work every morning, the train passes the road where she used to live and where her ex-husband and his new family still live. However, in her drunken states, she often ends up excessively calling and texting them or actually at their house.

A couple of houses down from her old house live a young couple who Rachel becomes somewhat obsessed with. She considers them to have the perfect, loved-up relationship that she aspired to have. However, she is shocked one day when she sees the woman, Megan, with another man on their balcony. She is hurt and angry at Megan for shattering her image of their perfect relationship.

The drama continues when Megan goes missing one night when Rachel was in their area. However, the time she spent in her old area is blanked out of her mind because she was so drunk. Rachel awakes the next day covered in blood which makes her question whether she saw, or had anything to do with, Megan’s disappearance.

The rest of the film consists of Rachel trying to discover what actually happened that night but we won’t spoil that for you!

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All of the characters of the film are very troubled and emotionally traumatized for various reasons. Although their characters must be very challenging to play, every actor and actress is incredible and portray their characters so realistically that you forget they are not real people. However, Emily Blunt really is the star of the film and stuns as the role of Rachel. She conveys a range of emotions without even speaking and convincingly portrays so many different feelings through the movie. She draws you in from the first frame of the film and keeps you entranced throughout.

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The film is slightly confusing though. It frequently flicks between past and present so in order to keep up with the story line, you do have to fully focus for the whole two hours.

It also certainly isn’t the film for those who are squeamish. Some scenes contain quite graphic and violent situations, especially towards the end of the film (no spoilers though!).

Nevertheless, the film is a true thriller that will have your heart racing and keep you guessing till the very end. It is definitely worth going to see.

Watch the trailer for The Girl On The Train below.


The Girl On The Train is in UK cinemas now and out in most countries from tomorrow (7th October).

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