Film Review: Second Nature Starring Collette Wolfe & Sam Huntington

Soon to be released on September 19 on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD; Second Nature is a comedy film that transports our two main characters into a parallel world. The approximately 80-minute film stars Collette Wolfe and Sam Huntington. It was directed by Michael Cross.

We were lucky enough to watch an exclusive screening of the film before it is released. The film’s content was very unexpected and definitely unique. Our first expectations were twisted and this comedy film gave us something incredible that we certainly won’t be forgetting. It revolves around a small town called Louisburg.

The film opens with a guy who is stealing property from an old lady; the old lady is out using a metal detector to find something; and, a man is drinking while driving as a woman distracts him. The old woman catches the guy in her house, who runs off with her TV. As for, the couple, they crash and later die. The driver was the Mayor of Louisburg.

We then meet our two main characters, Amanda Maxwell (played by Collette Wolfe) and Bret Johnson (played by Sam Huntington). Amanda is the granddaughter of the old woman we met in the opening scene, Estelle Otto (played by Carolyn Cox), she hears about the break-in and goes to see her. We find out that there is a time capsule memory box buried in her yard, which she was searching for the other night. After going through it together, Estelle gives Amanda a mirror.

As for Bret, we watch intimate scenes with a woman who he sleeps with, and we know he’s the owner of a real estate team, to which Amanda works for. He decides to run for mayor. After much deliberation so does Amanda. They have a history of competing with each other ever since they were children.

During an argument in the bathroom of Honkers restaurant, between Amanda and Bret, they are both holding the mirror and make stupid wishes during their argument. They wish that men would act like women and women would act like men. Some crazy electronic spark happens which transports them into an alternate reality, where men are acting like women and women are acting like men.

There are a bunch of films that have been released where our main characters swap bodies; however. this one goes that one step further, completely changing the roles of men and women, as well as objects – such as a manhole now being called a woman-hole.

This film had us in fits full of giggles throughout. There’s a lot of adult-implied comedy as well as laugh-out-loud comedy that we all appreciate. It has a full-on storyline that completely works from start to finish; one we will never forget and will ultimately recommend to everyone we know.

The main thing we love is that it explores gender bias as well as sexism. Raging themes that are constants in life. Even though the world is much more developed now and things have changed for the better, there’s still a long way to go. Even though this film may seem extreme to some, it really reflects modern day life, for many people. We totally loved it and we reckon you would too.

Michael Cross (director, producer, and co-writer) said: “As a man, I have observed the gender bias that all of the women I know are constantly encountering. Despite significant progress toward equality in our modern society, there is still a persistent bias against women, and apathy toward the change that is still needed. This sparked a desire in me to create a story that not only acknowledges, but explores this issue. I asked, ‘What if roles were reversed – wouldn’t the world be better?'”

Watch The Trailer For Second Nature Here:

The film is out on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD as of September 19, 2017. So make sure you get this film because we assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

You may know many of the cast: Collette Wolfe (Interstellar, Four Christmases, 17 Again, You’re The Worst, Good Behavior), Sam Huntington (Superman Returns, Rosewood, Being Human, Fanboys), Carollani Sandberg (Simple Creature, Brides To Be, All Things Hidden), Carolyn Cox (Switchmas), Riley Shanahan, and many more.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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