The Final #Ham4Ham Show Goes Down A Treat

Yesterday, Lin-Manuel Miranda came out of the well know door for his final #Ham4Ham show. And the knowing it was the last he’d probably be doing in a while, he did it in style.

You can watch the event here:

If you don’t know what #Ham4Ham is, it’s basically a show which members of the Hamilton cast put on. They do this so that people who can’t see the show can get to see the cast do something special. Even if you can’t be there in person, these #Ham4Ham videos are all over YouTube!

For his final appearance of this ever growing event, Miranda decided to read a love letter which Alexander Hamilton wrote to his not yet wife, Eliza.

“It kind of captures everything I love about Hamilton,” Miranda said as he held the beloved book of Hamilton. “He’s kind of arrogant, he’s kind of insecure, he’s unbelievably romantic, it’s funny and sad – it’s basically him saying to Eliza, ‘Don’t marry me if you think you can’t be happy broke. Because we might end up broke.’”

The reading really fascinated the crowd; making them chuckle and aw at a variety of things in which he said. Whilst watching the clip you can also hear some lines which Miranda used in songs such as ‘That Would Be Enough’.

When Miranda finished reading the old love letter, he welcomed out his cast mates Phillipa Soo and Leslie Odom Jr who are also leaving the hit Broadway show on July 9th.

The three, who won Tony Awards for best musical, really got the crowd going when they got them all to sing ‘Happy Trails’.

We wish the three the best of luck for their final shows and whatever the future holds for them!

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Written by CelebMix