Finding Success as a Producer and DJ –DEFEO

Music has the power to move the soul. A piece of good music can influence an individual and the masses. A great musician can galvanize people and take them to a place that provides escape from the ordinary and the humdrum of daily life. The transformational power that a musician has depends on not just the skill of the musician but also their dedication to the craft. The more a musician gives to their field, the more proficient they become at wielding the transformational power of the music they create.

Creating music takes a lot of skill. To be good at their craft, a musician must dig deep and spend a lot of time learning the ins and outs of their craft. While going through the slog of getting good at their music, musicians must keep their goals in focus. If they lose sight of their goals, their career can stagnate and cause them to burn out. This burnout can happen due to all the effort a musician puts into getting better, but because they don’t have any clear goals defined or may have lost their focus, they don’t grow beyond a certain level.

DJing is a form of music performance that takes a lot of skills and years and years of practice to become proficient. Although becoming a DJ doesn’t need to be an instrumentalist, having a solid background in the knowledge and practice of playing instruments can benefit a DJ. Although many musicians deem DJs not to be a musician, the basis of being a musician is to know how music is constructed. And that is what DJs are proficient at. If a DJ doesn’t know what musicality is, they can never even be considered a passable DJ.

DJing takes a lot of skill and time to become proficient and has the basic knowledge of what music is and how a song is constructed. A DJ doesn’t just queue up music; it is about understanding the music, reading the crowd, and driving their mood so they can enjoy the session. Making sure what music appeals to the crowd and adjusting on the spot to keep the crowd going makes a DJ successful.

A DJ at the top of their game can make sure the music is flowing organically and flawlessly while making sure the music appeals to the crowd’s senses to keep the energy levels going. One such DJ is Angelo De Feo. Angelo, better known by his stage name DEFEO, is a DJ and music producer based in Biel/Bienne in Bern, Switzerland. Born on 22 July, 1991, DEFEO started his DJing career in earnest in 2009. He began with playing in various local clubs and bars in his native Switzerland. Throughout his early days, he learned the craft of DJing while at the same time picking up proficiency in mixing, and creating beats.

While DJing in his native country of Switzerland, DEFEO was spotted by Marc Heymoz, which led to him joining the Aprod Agency (CH). While in his two-year stint at Aprod, DEFEO had the opportunity to perform in the biggest music festival in Switzerland and perform in 2013 and 2014 during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, one of the biggest music event in the world. He had the opportunity to play in different venues including at Shore Club in Miami Beach alongside Ron Carroll. After the two-year stint, DEFEO and Aprod Agency decided to part ways in 2014. Then in 2015, Marc Heymoz formed a new agency called AFFINITY, where he invited DEFEO to join the new company.

He is currently residing in his home country of Switzerland, DEFEO had headlined at major clubs, such as the prestigious MAD Club (Top 100 DJMag Ranked Club) where he was the resident DJ until December 2019 and the D’ Club in Lausanne where he performed two times.. DEFEO continues to perform in many other countries as a DJ in Europe, like the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Spain, and France. In addition to his illustrious career of DJing in international venues, DEFEO is also well known for producing and releasing music for well-known international record labels. These labels include Sosumi Records, Kryteria Records (Spinnin’ Records), Sirup Music, Generation Hex, and Juicy Traxx. Since 2016 DEFEO has released a few singles that have charted well. These singles included ‘Apollo’ in 2016, ‘Show Me’, ‘Profiteers’, and ‘Deliverance’ in 2017, ‘Himiko’ in 2018, ‘Horns’, ‘Paradigm’, ‘Take it’, and ‘Before’ in 2019, as well as ‘Aquarius’ and ‘La Colegiala’ in 2021.

DEFEO has collaborated with other producers during 2018 and 2020, collaborating with KREG on ‘Oh!’ and TGR aka Tom Tyger on ‘Jupiter.’

Throughout his time DJing, DEFEO has come a long way. He has grown as a producer, and a DJ. At the top of his game, DEFEO has nowhere else to go but up.

Written by Digital Nod