Finn Matthews Releases New Single & Music Video “Thrill Ride”

We have a new single released this week from Finn Matthews. This one is titled “Thrill Ride” and has a very cute music video to accompany the song, that was premiered by Tigerbeat; which is an extension of the video which we premiered, of the previous track, “A Million And One“.

Finn Matthews is a rising pop star who already has over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” is his most streamed track to date, with over 150,000 streams. Considering his debut single was “Half-Hearted“, this recently released track, “Thrill Ride”, really shows how far he has come.

We do love our continuation music videos, so Finn Matthews has certainly grabbed our attention with “Thrill Ride”. The song has a more pop twist to it compared to the ballad-pop sound of the previous song “A Million And One“. We’re excited to see if the next music videos follow-up this cute relationship. The song was written by Elijah Blake and Daecolm, whilst the latter also produced the track. As for the music video, that was directed by Sean Alexander.

Watch The Music Video To Finn Matthews’ “Thrill Ride” Here:

If you have not watched the previous music video to “A Million And One“, we really think you ought to, so you can understand how this relationship between the two main characters all started; however, it is not imperative that you watch the first video. In this visual, we see Finn Matthews and his love interest (played by actress and musician, Solé) on a day trip to a theme park.

It’s almost as if we’re the third wheel, jumping in on their rollercoaster rides and their time at the theme park. Finn Matthews has the camera at times and we really get to experience riding the rollercoasters and how he sees Solé. Throughout, the pair enjoy their time together, laughing throughout, holding hands, and acting as a couple – we’re so glad that mean drunken boyfriend from “A Million And One” is now out of the picture. It’s a cute video and really showcases Finn Matthews’ personality, and therefore connecting with the viewers.

As for the song itself, we believe it is a grower – that chorus will be stuck in your head after you’ve heard it a few times. Finn Matthews sings about wishing he had a fast car so that he can take us on a thrill ride tonight, which is all wrapped up in metaphors and how he wishes he can make people live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. His vocals are what make this track addicting because they’re rich and strong; he owns this song like it’ll never end – and it sure doesn’t as we keep pressing the repeat button.

“Thrill Ride” is available to download and stream now through Steel Wool Records. More music videos are on their way as he partnered with Kobalt / AWAL to release a series of singles and videos that will drop throughout the next six months; so keep up to date with them here at CelebMix.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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