First “American Gods” Trailer Debuts at San Diego Comic Con

The first trailer for the STARZ television adaptation of Neil Gaimans much beloved and critically acclaimed novel American Gods has been released online after making a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic Con yesterday.

American Gods tells the story of a secret war between the old, traditional gods – the likes of Odin and Loki – and the new gods, the gods of capitalism like Media and technology. The series has managed to score some big names to play some of it’s title characters, including the X Files star Gillian Anderson as Media, and Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday. Ricky Whittle, star of The 100, will portray Shadow, a recently released convict who finds his wife, played by Emily Browning, has died in a car crash, and who ends up agreeing to become Mr. Wednesday’s body guard.

The series has had a somewhat turbulent path to adaptation, moving from HBO to a period of development hell before it finally found a home on Starz.

Also at the American Gods Comic Con Panel, the crowd were treated to one final casting announcement, despite the fact that production of the series is well underway, when Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth arrived onstage, announcing that she had secured the part of Easter, a goddess in the original book.

The show, developed by writer Michael Green and producer Bryan Fuller, the man behind Hannibal and the upcoming Star Trek TV revival, is set to premier in 2017, with filming set to wrap up in September.

The full trailer can be viewed below.

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