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TV Review: Sex Education, Season 2

With a very successful first season, Sex Education is back and full of heart-stopping moments, very sexually active teens and storylines that will keep you hooked throughout all eight episodes.

As a fair warning, the following review might contain spoilers — read at your own risk!

Let us begin by stating that this season somehow managed to keep me much more on my toes than the first.

Considering the first season ended with Otis’ sexual discovery, the second season picks back up exactly where it left off. And considering Sex Education never shies away from being straightforward, sex remains the underlying conversation for this series.

Let us just be upfront about something: the women of this series absolutely make this series. They are bold, tell important stories and make this season feel so much more full. By giving them more lines, stronger storylines and scenes that do nothing but leave you breathless, the women of Sex Education make this season phenomenal.

One of the best storylines of this season, was Aimee’s encounter with the man on the bus. While excruciating to watch, this scene was important — the amount of people who are sexually harassed and assaulted throughout the world is astronomical, but it’s also refreshing to see a show tackle the subject and do it well. This type of story-telling would not be possible without the incredible women who make up the show.

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Watching the first couple of episodes, it almost felt like things couldn’t get more interesting — but the end of this season somehow managed to exceed all our expectations.

Finally getting to hear the entirety of Otis’ voicemail to Maeve was heartbreaking, but the context in which we hear it the absolute worst. I don’t think anything prepared us to hear the words “this message has been deleted” at the end of such a heartfelt moment.

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10/10 would sit with them at lunch

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While we’re incredibly happy to see most of the characters happy and to have finally sorted their relationships out, but it was still disappointing to not have Maeve and Otis get together. Throughout everything they went through season one and two, we hope season three finally gives us concrete, solid answers.

But at the same time, we were so happy to be introduced to new people — like Rahim and Viv — and to reconnect with old characters — like Jackson, Ola, Adam, Jakob, Jean and Lily.

Even though we didn’t get to see Otis and Maeve finally figure things out, it was still so incredibly great to see new friendships form, to see women empower one another and to have the characters come to terms with their sexualities and their families.

Considering we watched season two in less than 24 hours, it’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed it. Although a third season hasn’t been confirmed yet, we’re sure it won’t be too long before we get to see our favorites once more.

And maybe the next season will have something that will top that hilarious Romeo and Juliet play we were treated to.

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