First pictures released from Ricky Gervais’ new film ‘Life on the Road’

Gervais is currently half way through shooting his new feature length film. The movie centres around David Brent trying to break into the music industry titled ‘Life on the Road.’

It has been a long wait, David Brent finally returns 12 years after the sitcom ‘The Office’ ended in 2003.

Another photo was released with Brent standing next to a sign reading ‘Lavichema’ perhaps indicating who he is working for now.

The caption from one of the new photos released reads: ‘Great to be back in the office. A new Dawn.’

This relates to Dawn Tinsley the original receptionist who played a major part in the series. She has now been replaced with British actress Mandeep Dhillon.

This film will be focusing on Brent trying to become a rock star and paying other musicians to help him play his songs. The movie will tell the story of Brent trying to fulfil his dream after his brief success with ‘Forgone Conclusion.’

As who can forget they were once supported by a ‘little known Scottish outfit called Texas.’



Written by CelebMix