Five Bands and Singers You Need To See Live

We, CelebMix, love attending concerts so we thought we would share five bands or artists that you should definitely go and see live.

1) Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots are a really great band to see live as they aren’t just talented but they create an amazing atmosphere. Their songs are great to dance to and the concert is always unforgettable, you should go if you get the chance!

2) The Vamps


The Vamps never stop jumping around on stage and they get the crowd so hyped up. They’re extremely talented and their concerts are great fun, they’ll leave you wanting to see them live again and again. With their new album out they will be touring from March to April around the U.K and Ireland. Get tickets here.

3) 5 Seconds of Summer


5SOS are amazing to see live, their concerts are a mixture of fun and tears, and it’s hard not to sing along as loud as you can. You can tell they really enjoy their time on stage. They will also be touring the U.K and Ireland over April. Get tickets here.

4) Demi Lovato


You can hear how talented Demi sounds live from video clips, but it’s 100x better when you’re there in person. She really puts on a show and can leave you speechless from her voice… In a good way!

5) Shawn Mendes


And last but not least we have Shawn Mendes. His talent is absolutely unbelievable and he can really put on a show with only his voice and his guitar. The fans sing along without fail all night and it leaves you feeling amazed.


We love all of the bands and singers mentioned but there are many more amazing people out there that we want to see too! Which bands and singers have you seen live in the past or want to see? Make sure you comment down below or tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix