The Five Must Watch Films

Each year approximately 560 films are released, according to the MPAA. With this many films being released, it can obviously be hard to choose which ones to watch.

Here are 5 of the best films on/coming to the screens this season according to personal opinion and online reviews.


    This film follows the events after a fierce storm occurs during a manned mission to Mars, stranding Astronaut Mark Watney on the hostile planet. Miraculously Watney survives and with scarce supplies, he must find a way to alert everyone back on the home planet, that he is alive and needs to be rescued.

    The film “downplays the stereotypical melodrama” that comes with a movie depicting this sort of situation which in turn makes it much more realistic and genuine. The movie consists of “streamlined narrative”, consistent pacing and flawless acting, making the film easy popcorn enjoyment.


    An elected government task force, appoint a fitting agent from the FBI to assist in the uprising war on drugs at the border of the USA and Mexico. Starring Emily Blunt, Sicario shows the violence between the US and Mexico due to the drug trade business.

    The film progresses with “tenacity” and “confounds expectations right till the end.”  The film is amazing to watch, to listen to and to think about.


    The film follows Bond’s unofficial mission, uncovering a secret organisation, finding his connections to the enemy, after receiving a cryptic message. A series of events follow in a series of different countries from the homeland in England to, Mexico, Rome and Austria all while M fights to keep the secret service alive.

    Spectre,  a dramatic, pulse-pounding production, put together in a sleek and precise manner, is an astoundingly entertaining film, a must watch in this season of fantastic films.


    This biographical film takes us behind the scenes of the revolutionary man that is, Steve Jobs. Revolving around the three iconic and monumental product launches finishing with the iMac in 1988, the film shows the audience a much more personal side of Jobs.

    The film is a, “deeply captivating portrait,” “racing in high gear from start to finish,” heartbreaking yet enjoyable but “too over-the- top” at times depending on perception.


    The film follows the emerging of the NWA group in the streets of Compton, Los Angeles in the mid 1980s, revolutionising  the world of hip hop culture because of their music.

    The film “is timeless in its depiction of how artists and writers transform the world around them into angry, profane, vibrant and singular personal expression.” despite the “mild flaws.”

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Written by CelebMix