Five Reasons Why You Should See Coldplay Live

Whether you already have your tickets for the A Head Full of Dreams Tour or are still debating whether it’s really worth your well-earned money: we’re here to convince you that seeing Coldplay live is an experience you don’t want to miss. Here are, in no particular order, five reasons why you should see Coldplay live at least once in your life.

1. All the colours

To say that Coldplay’s concerts are colourful is an understatement. They’ll fire some cannons filled with rainbow coloured butterflies, drop some huge yellow balls onto the audience during, well you guessed it, Yellow, and light up the entire arena with coloured wristbands. We hope Coldplay will keep this colourful vibe going for the A Head Full of Dreams Tour and if their Superbowl performance is anything to go by, they won’t let us down.

Five Reasons to see Coldplay Live 1

2. Chris Martin does some great mid-song talking

James Corden already pointed this out during Chris Martin’s Carpool Karaoke – Chris Martin is a great mid-song talker. Whether he’s asking if there’s anybody out there (“I can’t hear you, is there anybody out there?”) or bursting out in Viva La Vida’s Oooh-Oooh’s in between songs, Chris will make sure you know he’s not just singing Coldplay’s songs for you, he wants to sing them with you. And while we’re at it: Chris does some great lyric changes as well. (“high up above or down below, 500 metres from the band at a Coldplay show”).

3. Guest appearances

During the 2012 Mylo Xyloto tour, fans were treated to a surprise performance of none less than Rihanna, who sang Princess of China in front of thousands of fans in Paris. We’re not entirely sure if Beyoncé and Coldplay can make their crazy schedules work out in our favour some way, but here’s to hoping.

4. Free goodies

Coldplay’s concerts may be a teeny tiny bit on the expensive side of things, but you sure get your money’s worth. Not only will the band give it their all for at least two hours, we’ve never left a Coldplay concert empty-handed. During the Viva la Vida tour fans were given  LeftRightLeftRightLeft, a CD containing nine live-versions of songs and the aforementioned coloured wristbands from the Mylo Xyloto tour make a great souvenir as well. We can’t wait to see what the band will bring with them on the A Head Full of Dreams tour.

Five Reasons to see Coldplay Live 2

5. A Head Full of Dreams is their best album so far

Obviously, the main reason to go see any artist should be their music. While Coldplay already has a long and successful career, we think it’s safe to say that A Head Full of Dreams is their best album yet. Rarely has there been a band that was so constantly reinventing themselves without losing their own style and A Head Full of Dreams is a joyous album from start to finish. Whether it’s the hyped Adventure of a Lifetime, the touching Everglow or the hopeful Up&Up, every song on A Head Full of Dreams would be a pleasure to hear live.

The A Head Full of Dreams tour kicks off on March 31st in Buenos Aires. You can find all tour dates and see if there are any tickets left here.

Are you going to see Coldplay on tour this year? What part of the show are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below or over at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix