Five-Star Service, Lagniappe Chauffeured Services Continues To Dominate the New Orleans Luxury Market

Chauffeur services are considered a luxury to most and a necessity to a few. However, people tend to overlook the security and safety they offer on top of the status or convenience. With the crime rates rising in various communities, there has been a growing need for legitimate and excellent chauffeur service, which Robert Daspit has committed to providing for his clients. 

Lagniappe Chauffeured Services has quickly grown to become one of New Orleans’ prestigious private transport businesses because of its stellar offering of world-class service. The LCS marketing strategy will usher in a fresh wave of change for what will inevitably become the industry norm for domestic and international ground transportation services. 

Due to the company’s desire for its customers to have an exceptional experience, Lagniappe Chauffeured Services provides a five-star level of service in the industry. In fact, the company customizes its services according to the needs of every client, a testament to its dedication to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of everyone in its care. No matter where clients are from, where they are headed, and no matter the occasion, Lagniappe Chauffeured Services guarantees its unwavering assistance.

Lagniappe Chauffeured Services is the only company in New Orleans with a Mercedes-Maybach and has the largest fleet of Cadillac Escalade vehicles. On top of that, the business also proves how innovative it is by using the newest technology to deliver customer service unmatched in the transportation sector. More than anything else, Lagniappe Chauffeured Services offers excellent security for its clients, solidly establishing its reputation in the industry as the leading company that provides the safest for-hire trips in New Orleans.

The LCS concierge staff can be reached by their clients day and night for whatever they may need, may it be choosing a restaurant, setting up the specifics of an upcoming special event, or getting the ideal gift. The LCS concierge staff is excellent at coordinating and handling all of the needs of their clients, no matter how big or small.

Lagniappe Chauffeured Services upholds a strict code of conduct. Every chauffeur is expected to present themselves professionally by donning a clean, pressed, dark, conservative business suit, a pressed white dress shirt, and a tie. Furthermore, the company makes sure its chauffeurs will be in place 15 minutes in advance for commercial flight arrivals and 30 minutes in advance for private aircraft landing at an FBO.

Robert Daspit founded Lagniappe Chauffeured Services after seeing that New Orleans lacked a luxury brand chauffeur service. He hopes to expand the business and reach more individuals by promoting the company’s five-star service to more business travelers, celebrities in the corner offices, executives, and CEOs.

Robert wants to further build Lagniappe Chauffeured Services as the best professional chauffeur company in the state of New Orleans and envisions developing world-class executive travel services that combine the art of chauffeuring with luxury, privacy, personalization, and ease. The company continues to strive to become the first choice of many CEOs and the elite in entertainment and media in the coming years.


Written by Peter Jones