Five Times Zayn Showed His Love For Fans

Time and time again, Zayn goes out of his way to show love for his fans. Every interaction is carried out with kindness and he’s always finding ways to show his appreciation towards them. It’s refreshing to see an artist that takes the time–or rather makes the time–to connect with their fans. To celebrate Zayn and the affection he has towards his supporters, we’ve put together five times where he showed his love for them.

5. When he shared fan art

Zayn showcases his artistry in more ways than one. It’s widely known that he had a room in his home where he let his love of graffiti run wild and spray painted on the walls. He often takes the time to find and re-post the many drawings, paintings, and digital art created by fans. On his Facebook, you’ll find an album of photos filled with fan art.

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4. When he hosted a Twitter Q&A

After delivering an incredible album, Zayn tweeted, asking his followers which songs were their favorites. Instead of leaving it at that, he took the time to answer a few questions that fans had about the album.

3. When he went live on Periscope

Prior to Mind of Mine‘s release, the Pillowtalk singer used Periscope to share snippets of his songs, taking requests from his viewers, and hosting a makeshift listening party. After chatting a bit, he ended the live stream by saying he would be on Twitter to reply to more questions.

2. When he attended a listening party

Zayn spent an intimate evening with fans when he showed up to a listening party in New York City just two days before his album was set to release. Wanting to get some immediate feedback, he sat with fans a few at a time and talked about the album.

1. When he shared ‘Mind of Mine’ with the world

With his creativity flourishing, Zayn bared his heart and delivered an album that attempted to express the inner workings of his mind. Each track is individually impressive; if you put them all together, you get an incredibly cohesive album, each song blending seamlessly into the next.

Long before Mind of Mine was released, Zayn sent a tweet- a promise- to his supporters.

He kept to his word and gifted us with extraordinary music that is full of raw emotion and shows off his amazing vocal capabilities.


An artist as genuine and talented as Zayn deserves every bit of success he’s getting. If Mind of Mine has shown us anything, it’s that he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. This is the beginning of a new era for Zayn, and there’s nothing we’d rather do than watch him succeed.

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Written by CelebMix