Five Times Little Mix & Fifth Harmony Showed Their Undeniable Support For Each Other

We love girl groups and we definitely love the leadings ladies of Little Mix & Fifth Harmony, who are taking over this decades wave of girl power with proud confidence. From their killer music videos to smash hits, these women have consistently showcased the world one thing: WOMEN. IN. POWER.

Here’s five ways Little Mix & Fifth Harmony have showed each other all the love in the world. Ready, set, let’s GO!

1) Little Mix Talk Fifth Harmony And How Their Is Always Room For More Girl Groups

Little Mix explain that it’s superbly annoying when people say you can only like one group and not another, with Perrie Edwards chipping in “It’s like saying you can’t like Rihanna and you can’t like Beyonce because their both female solo artists”. Watch the whole interview below!

2) Fifth Harmony Take Little Mix Quiz And They Can’t Contain Their Excitement

This interview with CapitalFM is probably one of the most hilarious in the world because the girls of Fifth Harmony literally cannot stop talking about the girls and it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. From saying “Black Magic is so awesome” in unison to saying they are “slaying” it, this video hits the cherry on top for girl power realness and support!

3) When Asked The Question “Who Would Win In A Girl Band War, Fifth Harmony or Little Mix” The Girls Of 5H Quickly Respond Both!

Another short but really sincere output of Little Mix by Fifth Harmony. Normani Kordei goes on to say the following:

“There is definitely room for the both of us. People try to make it out to be exactly like that, girls versus girls, but both of us are all about girl power and empowering women to stick up for each other, which is exactly what we all do”

4) Both Girl Groups Interview Each Other And It Made Us Feel All Fuzzy Inside

We’d never though we would ACTUALLY get a video of the girls interviewing EACH OTHER and when we did you bet we died then came back to life. Watch both parts for a double dose of girl group bonding!

5) Both Groups LOVE Jamming To Each Others’ Songs!

Indeed this is true. Take our examples below, one of Fifth Harmony’s Dinah grooving to Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’, and one of Jade Thirlwall bouncing away to ‘Work From Home’. So lovely really.

The love between these groups: definitely immaculate and beautiful. We love the respect and support from both Little Mix & Fifth Harmony.

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P.S. – Can we please have a Fifth Harmony and Little Mix collaboration? Perhaps in the VERY VERY VERY near future? If you see this girls, let us know because the whole world is DYING to know.

P.S.S. – You gals know very well the song would go number one in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY if it were to happen. *wink wink!

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.