Five Times Matt McGorry Showed That Men Can Also Be Feminists

Feminist. People often misunderstand the meaning of that word. The most common misconception of feminists is thinking that they’re misandrists who want to make women the dominant gender while ignoring men’s issues. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look up the definition, you’ll find out that a feminist is someone who advocates social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. Knowing this, most people would probably define themselves as one. One of those people is actor Matt McGorry.

Matt McGorry is known for his roles on Orange Is The New Black and How To Get Away With Murder. He is also one of the few outspoken male feminists in the entertainment industry. Over the last year, he has educated himself on the term and made it his mission to create awareness about issues that need to be changed. He wants to show that being a feminist isn’t only for women – it’s for everybody who thinks that we all deserve equality. We have listed five times when Matt advocated for feminism.

5. Joining  the Free the Nipple movement

Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen got their topless pictures removed from social media because they were deemed “inappropriate”. Women’s breasts are sexualized even though their purpose aren’t sexual. Because of this, Matt posted a shirtless photo of himself with Miley’s and Chrissy’s nipples photoshopped over his own. Do we need to tell you that this picture hasn’t been deleted from the internet yet? #Doublestandards.

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Hi. This is a photo of me from my bodybuilding years, circa 2010. And these are the nipples of @mileycyrus and @chrissyteigen (I hope you don't mind me borrowing them!) from their Instagram posts that were removed due to the dangerousness of their visible female nips. Can’t you tell by how perverse my photo has become without my asexual male nippies? Sarcasm. If you're new to the #FreeTheNipple movement (like I am!) let me tell you what I think I understand about it. The banning of women's nipples may sound normal or even inconsequential as you think, "well, women's nipples are more sexual than men's nipples”. But that’s not some scientific fact. It’s because of how our society so heavily sexualizes women. And it should be up to the individual woman to decide if she wants to show them, just like men have the choice. Part of the stand of #FreeTheNipple is about the right of women to claim what their breasts and nipples mean to THEM, and not have that be defined by how men and much of society decides what their boobies mean. At this point, if you’re still clinging to the notion of “well, that’s just the way it’s been,” then you might reconsider thinking of yourself as a rational and progressive person. If you have breasts, you might think, “I’m not interested in showing my niplets on social media or in public,” in which case you should feel free to keep ‘em swaddled! But shouldn’t you support the freedom of CHOICE of the INDIVIDUAL woman to do this even if YOU don’t want to? Like, even if you’d never be interested in joining a protest, wouldn’t you think it’s important to have the CHOICE to be able to legally protest, if one so chooses? The answer is yes. You might be thinking to yourself, there are way more important issues out there than women being able to expose their bumpy buttons whenever men can. But it’s not just about getting an even tan; it’s one piece of the puzzle of creating deep change in the way our society objectifies women and creates these different standards for men and women (and other genders). At the heart of it, it’s simply about gender equality and equal rights. – #FreeTheNipple and photoshop newbie

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4. Knowing that some people value his opinions more just because he’s a man

Matt posted this photo on Instagram where he stated that the privilege was unfortunate. It may seem weird that men are more respected than women even when they’re commenting on women’s rights, but unfortunately, that’s how it is. Matt uses this to encourage other men to speak up about these issues, which would surely create more awareness. Hopefully one day, women and men’s opinions are equally respected.


3. His feminist essay on Cosmopolitan

In September last year, Matt wrote an essay about what it was like to become a feminist. In the essay, he admitted to crying after watching Emma Watson’s U.N address, and explaining how his entire worldview shifted. He also stated that he knew that he was privileged. He also stated that being privileged doesn’t mean that you have to stay silent.

“Even now, I acknowledge that my own privilege affords me the luxury of this cushy and positive outlook on fighting inequalities and injustices. I have the choice to confront these issues — they aren’t implicit in my life due to my gender, the color of my skin, my sexual preference, or any other parts of who I am as a person.” 

2. Matt McGorry doesn’t like his women like he likes his coffee

These three tweets don’t even need explaining, his opinions are very obvious.

1.  Walk of No Shame

Matt joined Amber Rose in the Funny or Die video Walk of No Shame. The video shows that women shouldn’t be ashamed the morning after a one-night stand. Men aren’t ridiculed or downgraded for having casual sex, so why are women? Matt defended the sketch on Facebook by saying, “Heavens forbid a woman just wants to have sex with a guy once. “Strong women scare weak men.” Stay empowered.”

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