Five tours we can’t WAIT to go to in 2016

As February comes to a close, we realize we’re heading straight into spring and summer — prime time for concerts! So far, many artists have announced upcoming tours, and we’re excited for all of them. Here are five that get us especially pumped:

1. Anti World Tour

What better way to come back from a 3-year hiatus than with a world tour? If the release of her album Anti last month wasn’t enough to cure your Rihanna withdrawals, this tour certainly will. It starts next month and will hit a total of 71 dates across North America and Europe, with Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Big Sean supporting her at certain dates. Welcome back, Rihanna!

2. The Formation World Tour

We got a taste of Beyoncé’s latest single Formation at the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this month (watch a clip of her amazing performance here), and we can’t wait to see more! This tour is sure to be as empowering, bold, and phenomenal as Queen Bey herself. Tickets are in super high demand, so be sure to check out available seats and dates here ASAP!

3. Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour

SLFL kicked off earlier this month in Japan, and we can’t wait to follow 5SOS on the rest of their journey around the world! It’s mind-blowing that just 2 years ago they headlined in North America for the first time, and now they’re on their second international tour. We’re definitely proud of our 4 Aussies!

4. Waking Up Tour

“Make way for the kings, when E3 steps back in the scene!” After their year-and-a-half long hiatus, Emblem3 are officially back and more stoked than ever. Their last tour, Fireside Story Sessions, immediately followed Drew’s departure and consisted of just the Stromberg bros and 200 fans per venue, making for an intimate and bittersweet experience. But this time around, with the trio back together, the vibe will not be of reassurance and recovery, but of ultimate strength and endless love.

5. Adele Live 2016

Remember when Rolling in the Deep was all you ever heard on the radio? That was the last time Adele went on tour, in 2011. Now Hello is all you hear, and that means Adele is back on tour again! She will perform a whopping 105 shows, more than any other artist on this list — but then again, she’s Adele. If she can hold those incredibly long notes in Hello then she can pretty much do anything.

With all these upcoming concerts, how will we (let alone our wallets) survive this year?! Let us know what tours you’re excited for in the comments or tweet us @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix